Spiritual Energy Blessing for the Winter Solstice

555928_226033514187648_1419206032_nSPIRITUAL ENERGY BLESSING FOR THE


Michael, Janiece & Tristan


Rainbow Bridge to Conscious Reawakening

With our hearts overflowing with gratitude we thank you, Divine Source Spirit and all the Benevolent Beings of the Loving Light for guiding us through this time of deepest reflection of the Winter’s Solstice. As we go into the inner depths of our soul, we thank ourselves for standing in the light of our true being knowing that we are now and forever embraced in your everlasting love. We know that for even in the darkest moments, we shine brightly. Though the appearances of the world may not always be the highest light for there are those who are not expressing their true divine spirit and so many who are in fear, we stand individually and as a loving collective on our beloved Mother Earth, knowing that as we go within the depths of our soul and even though we may feel “really, can we go any deeper” and “wow, we could use a break” we step up, embracing your divine loving light for this is the reason for us incarnating at this time. And at this moment, we are called upon to become more aware and conscious standing taller and shining even more brightly. For it is through these times that we are more empowered, and we shine our eternal light on every living thing and even more brightly on those who have forgotten the truth of their being. Our children know the truth for they reside in their hearts. Follow them, follow our hearts and shine our truth. With truly grateful hearts, Janiece, Michael & Tristan

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