The Light Flyer 

by Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.

Rainbow Bridge to Conscious Reawakening 


My 15-year-old son has been flying for quite awhile now. Yes, he does enjoy flying on airplanes, however, the flights that Tristan experiences are truly magical and out of this World.

He began his travels before he was born and remembers flying with his light friends through the sparkling stars. They visited many different galaxies and flew with other loving Beings of Light. Even during my pregnancy, Tristan remembers periodically leaving his new form and returning to the stars. During these last minute flights, he had many conversations with God. These discussions centered around his reluctance to go back to Earth for Tristan remembered many past lives that were full of fear, loss and abandonment. He asked to stay with his friends in the stars who were always full of love and acceptance.

God told Tristan that it was very important for him to begin his new life on Earth because so many people on Earth had forgotten how to love and that he must return to teach people to love again. God reassured my son that he would never be alone for God would always be with him and that every living thing has this love and light within. 

It was also explained to Tristan that he would remember everything that he has learned in order to share this information with the people on Earth. This information includes healing and telepathic communication. Tristan was also pleased to know that he would continue his flights with the Beings of Light in our galaxy and other dimensions. I do have to say, that many times during his life, Tristan has enjoyed being on these flights rather than being totally present in his body, not always making it easy on those left behind. As Tristan becomes older, he is learning to do these travels through time and space and return here to Earth as he understands the importance of being fully in his body in order to experience life.

Tristan is continuing his flights with many Beings of Light, returning with much-needed information for the evolution of each one of us and the healing of the Earth. He shares these wondrous adventures with my husband and me with the same openness and honesty that he did when he was a small child. Tristan is bringing us back to our life’s journey, our purpose. By helping Tristan on his journey in this life spreading love and light, we feel ourselves ever expanding.

One of the most important messages my husband and I have received during this adventure with our son, is the importance of listening to these precious ones with open hearts. With this openness and acceptance, they will always feel comfortable in sharing their experiences and the reasons for which they have come. By honoring us with this information, they are entrusting us, as parents, to assist them on their most important journey. In turn, their stories will help us remember why we are here and awaken us to our purpose that we held so lovingly in our hearts as young children. For it is the objective of all of us and all of humanity to become fully awake.

Published in The Edge Life/The Soul of the City Magazine and Conscious Centred Community Online Magazine.

Janiece L. Boardway initially received her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, has shifted her focus to a more spiritual realm. Her incredible journey has truly accelerated since the birth of her son, Tristan who is 14 years old. Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey has written about Tristan in her books, “The Children of Now” under the pseudonym of Trevor, and “Conversations with the Children of Now,” wherein he chose to use his real name.





Creating A New Earth 

by Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.

Rainbow Bridge to Conscious Reawakening




Imagine a World whose inhabitants live harmoniously with one another, with nature and all of Earth’s creatures great and small. Where the sky is a brilliant blue, the air is refreshing and nurturing to breathe, and the water is crystal clear. Many of us have been visualizing this New Earth in our minds and holding it lovingly in our hearts. Perhaps even at times yearning for it so much that our souls may ache for we know it can be a reality in our present existence. There is a place and it is not that far away.
Recently, my son, Tristan was taken to such a location. It was during one of his fantastic flights through dream time that he was shown this wondrous World. He was told that he would be traveling to a planet similar to Earth. However, the inhabitants had evolved in such a manner that they lived peacefully, cooperatively, and joyfully. Expressing a real reverence for their planet.

He traveled with a girl of the same age. Well, what can I say he just turned 16, of course, it would be a girl accompanying him. Together they flew through the cosmos until they reached their destination. They landed in an area filled with beautiful rolling golden hills covered intermittently with green trees and shrubs. There were many horses, goats, sheep and cows grazing lazily in the grassy meadows. Tristan and his new friend sat together in silence enjoying this peaceful time and absorbing all of the loving energies around them.

She then took him to visit several communities in which everyone worked cooperatively together. In each community, they grew their food, made their clothing and other goods. There was no money exchanged. They had created a system wherein everyone had a service or product that would be beneficial to others. The people traded their services or products with one another in a happy and loving manner. There was no haggling like one may experience in our old bartering paradigm. All of their business was conducted in a manner in which everything was exchanged for the benefit of all.

The inhabitants of this planet were moving exclusively toward telepathic communication. Although they still spoke out loud verbally, this was mostly as a courtesy to those who yet had not developed speaking telepathically. They showed Tristan a fascinating handheld device operated by crystals which was incredibly intriguing to him. He said that it assisted the people in becoming telepathic. The non-telepathic person held this device and then plugged in numbers of the vibrational frequency of a telepathic person who they wanted to contact. He said almost like a telephone number. When they connected with one another, energy was transmitted back and forth until the non-telepathic person’s vibrational frequency numbers matched the telepathic person’s numbers on the device. Once this was achieved, telecommunication between the parties occurred. One may call it a “Vibrational Frequency Adjuster.” Believe me; it is much easier to transmit this information telepathically!

Tristan said that a person must first open their hearts before telepathic communication can occur. It was conveyed to Tristan that this device adjusted a person’s vibrational frequency in order for them to connect with their hearts which in turn helped them connect more deeply with themselves and others. He explained that the ability to be telepathic involves connecting entirely with our hearts and allowing this outpouring of love to come through our entire being. Since this form of communication is of the highest vibration, it always sends that transmission of energy throughout the cosmos helping other beings raise their consciousness.
In addition to this communication device, all of their technology was operated by crystals. They essentially have learned how to work in conjunction with nature using crystals, solar, the wind and other forms of natural resources in order always to honor and preserve their precious environment.

During his visit, Tristan attended a school. They were very different from the schools we have presently. They consisted of small groups of children of all ages who gathered together with their instructor. These groups generally met outside in the beauty of nature. Tristan said that in these natural settings it is the most optimum place for learning since nature provides a relaxing and peaceful energy thus, creating a calm state for our bodies and minds. Tristan joined one of the groups who wanted to learn about Albert Einstein. They stood in a circle and using their collective consciousness manifested Albert Einstein, who holographically appeared before them. The students were able to have an open dialog with this amazing person who shared his knowledge in a very joyous manner. Tristan said that Albert Einstein had a big beautiful smile and loved to laugh.

You may ask why we have shared this story with all of you. It was explained to Tristan that it was imperative for him to remember what he was shown in order to share this with others so we can create this reality on our planet. I asked him how we can do this. And he answered, “it is important for us to be honest with ourselves. To love and accept ourselves and others. We need to forgive ourselves for anything we have ever done to hurt others in this life or any other life. Then we need to forgive others for anything they have done to us now or at any other time. When we do that, we can love and accept ourselves and others. The more we open our hearts, the lighter we become and the more we will remember who we are. That’s all.”

Tristan finished his story by saying that these beings have much love and compassion for us as we move through the intensity of the energies we are experiencing for they sense our challenges. They are respectful of us for navigating our way as gracefully as possible and are pleased that so many human beings are waking up to their truth. They said that we are unfolding beautifully and know that we are “Creating A New Earth.”

Article Published in the Conscious Centered Community Online Magazine, August 2009 and New Earth Newsletter, Fall 2009.


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