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Jul 29

Tools, Techniques & Visualizations

FREE TOOLS, TECHNIQUES & VISUALIZATIONS TO HELP YOU AND YOUR FAMILY NAVIGATE IN THIS WORLD WITH MORE EASE AND GRACE. Being present, aware and caring for our Energy Field is as important as caring for our physical, emotional and intellectual bodies.  Would you like to have the tools and techniques that will help you and …

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Jun 17

Saturn 3 Services

Our Family offers the following services: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Healing Light Illuminations, Enlightenment Guidance, Soul Print Symbols, Spiritual Energy Blessing, Access Consciousness Bars     

Jun 17

Saturn 3 Events

Our Family offers the following services: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Illuminated Journey Workshop (Journey with the New Children/New Beings), Co-Creating with your Loving Beings of Light, Illuminations Workshop                                                    

Jun 17

Saturn 3 on Voice America Internet Radio

VOICE AMERICA Internet Talk Radio Saturn 3 Lightflyers Presents JOURNEY WITH THE NEW CHILDREN, TEENS & ADULTS     ~~~~~~ Saturn 3 link:  ~~~~~~~ Voice America link:

Apr 01

Books by Saturn 3

Our Family’s Journey The Nurturance and Empowerment of a Spiritually Gifted and Aware Star Child with Crystalline Energy and his Parents       by Janiece, Michael & Tristan Boardway To read more about this book and place your order, please go to this link:   The Light We Share by Tristan S. Boardway …

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