Declaring our Freedom from all Dark Forces


Declaring our Freedom from all Dark Forces

by The Boardways

As we all know, cults have been a part of this reality for a very long time. Although, we do know that these dark magic practices were not part of our original essence, and we did at one time, live in harmony and created our lives from a place of the best interests of all. Now, of course, we are only speaking of our family and our knowing of what is true for us and our origins. Others may have a different awareness of their individual creation since, of course, each of our original incarnations on Earth may have taken place at various times. So for our family, we trace these black magic cults back to the time when the Earth was abducted (a very long time ago) by the Beings who enjoy inventing and feeding off of crises, chaos, trauma, and drama. We will not be naming the particular dark Beings who were deliberately brought in to continue the agenda of these dark magic cults since there are quite a few.

Needless to say, these dark energies have been in full action and were increased on the full moon* in September 2015, when we were walloped with a pack of cult energies. How did that happen? Well, CERN has been working overtime for quite awhile and on the full moon, amplified these energies. Of course, there is CERN technology on the moon and planets in our galaxy that operate in conjunction with the CERN in Switzerland (and the mini-CERNs hidden from mainstream’s view) to amplify the energies that support their agenda. Additionally, the fields of media, film, and music most definitely promote these energies and of course, many religions (even “spiritual” ones) are very much in tune with the ritualistic ways of cults. Apparently, those who are not very introspective are drawn into this agenda.

Now you may be asking yourselves, “Why did the Boardway’s wait so long to write about this?” Good question! The reason being, our family, can only take so many attacks by those who are still in charge (albeit losing ground and yet throwing as much as they can at those who are aware of them. Yes, sometimes being aware and high vibrational is not so pleasant in this current reality). Additionally, at the time of the full moon in Sept. 2015, we were working diligently on our book (Our Family’s Journey) and depending upon the subject being written; we were feeling it and not in a loving way. Oh, you maybe saying, “Oh, just lift your vibration and you won’t be attacked!” Yikes! In truth, it is those who are of a high vibration with elevated frequencies that are attacked because they are so pure and filled with such loving light energies. These individuals embody and are the real “love and light”!  Certainly, those who are connected with the dark agenda, do not desire any of these attributes on Earth since obviously, they do not support their agenda. It behooves them to keep us in the “dark” and as unaware as possible so as to continue their world of illusion. Our family views this “you only need to lift your vibration” as a harmful myth. Who started that myth in the first place? Who were they connected to while receiving this information? What was their agenda?

Further, if a person believes that the only thing they have to do is lift their vibration and they will be “above it all,” so to say, then they certainly will not be in their awareness and discerning what is truly going on. (Have you heard of the Mandela Effect?) Yes, it is important to work on raising our vibration and frequency. This is part of our evolutionary process, right? Moreover, when one is honestly on this path of evolving, we expand ourselves exponentially, and this includes our energy, our awareness, our consciousness, our knowing and so on. When we expand our awareness; we will sense things that are definitely not of the love and light at this time. Consequently, awareness without judgment is necessary. Thus, we learn to acknowledge and trust ourselves and take proper care of ourselves because things can start happening when the doors of awareness open up in this current reality.

Additionally, this lifting of our vibration as being the only thing we need to concentrate on does not explain why so many children (teens and adults), who are pure and most definitely embodying extremely high vibrations, are having so many problems. Just the last couple of years we have seen an increase in individuals who we work with that have cancer; brain tumors, leukemia, etc. Unfortunately, we see this in very young children as well. Additionally, we see many individuals who are vaccine injured and are now very sick due to compromised immune systems, as well as Morgellons Disease, allergies and all of the 3D diagnoses of ADD/ADHD, Autism, Bipolar, Depression, Anxiety, etc. These individuals are extremely aware, high vibrational and embody pure loving energy. So why would they, with their very high vibrations and elevated frequencies be affected adversely? That’s exactly why! Think about it. If these children (teens and adults) are of a high vibration, then it means that they carry the DNA of the Benevolent Beings. Consequently, when we embody this pristine DNA, we continue our connection with the Benevolent Beings and thus, do not support the agenda of the Malevolent Beings. Now let’s say that for a very long time, the Malevolent Beings have been the majority on and around this planet and their desire is to keep it this way, then would it not be their agenda to diminish and downright destroy the DNA of the Benevolent Beings so as to keep their control? We say, yes, and that is why so many high vibrational individuals are abducted, and DNA messed with by these Malevolent Beings. Hence, the increase of Hybrids on and off this planet which as we have seen, do not have our best interests in mind. Although you may have heard to the contrary and we must welcome them in because of course, they are part of the human DNA gene pool. In our experience, these Hybrids who also possess the DNA of the Malevolent Beings are all too eager to join in on the abduction process and manipulate our DNA for their purposes that have nothing to do with our best interests. Let us add that anything done to us without our conscious consent is wrong! Remember we are Sovereign and Free Will Beings.

If we follow the above reasoning, it certainly explains why so many “professional” fields such as what we see in the pharmaceutical and medical worlds, invent and use procedures and medicines that in truth harm our DNA, keeping the dark agenda alive. This is unawareness to the max!

Again, it is all about being Alive, Awake, Aware and taking Action as the Empowered Beings we truly are because if you only “play at” lifting your vibration, you are missing our real evolution. Enough said!

After discussing sending this information out with Michael and Tristan, we decided, “Yes, we are expanded, infinite Beings and empowered to share this information to help others who may find it useful.” We also had the thought, well, if we do share this information, how much will this affect us. A month or so ago, we got our saturn3 email sorted out after it was attacked for a couple of weeks by those who do not have our best interests in place and sent out spam through our email addresses. Consequently, our emailing capabilities were “shut down” by our server until it was resolved (so if some of you wrote to us and did not receive a response, you know why). Did we send those who targeted us love and light? No, since how can you send those who are without souls, love and light? It is not in their consciousness to receive and does not work. We, as the Empowered Beings we truly are, took action! This is what is demanded at this time! Now that we think about it, a much more potent question for our family to ask is, “What will it take for us to share our information with total ease, grace, joy and glory and without being targeted?” Asking that question is going on a path of awareness instead of just aimlessly sending love and light that cannot be received and many times is returned with some pretty nasty energy attached. No, thank you. Our family chooses Awareness and Empowerment in order to shift the consciousness of this planet and beyond to where we can fully be in our Love and Light! Until then, we are only fooling ourselves.

Returning to the subject at hand, at the time of the September 2015 full moon, both Tristan and I felt the impact of the black magic cult energies. We immediately began taking care of ourselves and doing everything to cleanse, clear and heal from these menacing energies. Although Michael was feeling a bit off as well, he came to our aid and helped us through it. The awareness came to us that most likely this blast of dark cult energy was an attempt to trigger all the lifetime’s everyone, including us, had as victims of the dark cults. Also, triggering the DNA Soul Memories of those who were leaders and participants of cults in other lives. Obviously, since that time the events in the World have most certainly proven this to be true. Even ceremonies such as the recent opening of the Gothard Tunnel through the Swiss Alps was laden with cult propaganda. Lest we forget, the Bilderberg globalists met in Germany to decide the fate of the World and who knows what else they did behind closed doors, around the same time as the opening of the Swiss tunnel. All of these secret societies and secret governments along with their secret groups of people and Beings, unfortunately, promote and carry out the dark cult agenda. Additionally, there recently was a video made by CERN employees that depicted cult ritual activities including sacrifice. Is all of this invented so as to distract us from what is going on? Is it created as propaganda to support the agenda of mind control by the dark forces? What are the real purposes of these cult rituals and the emission of cult energy?

It is so important for us to wake-up, so we know if we are indeed creating as Freewill and Sovereign Beings or allowing ourselves to be mind-controlled by those involved in the dark agenda. It certainly is vital for us to be aware and not pretend that this does not exist. That is denial which gets us stuck in the perpetual cycle of nowheresville. Haven’t we had enough of that? Our family sure has!

At the time of the September 2015 full moon, we began to receive emails from others saying that they were experiencing headaches, body aches, nausea (some were in bed for a day or two because they felt so sick). Additionally, many reported experiencing unexplained fear, anxiety and an overall hopelessness. They also had the awareness that these symptoms began with the full moon energies. We appreciate this knowledge since with such insight; we can now take the steps to take care and empower ourselves and everyone else who desires, even more, consciousness.

In keeping with the theme of being alive, awake, aware and taking action as the Empowered Beings we truly are, our family wrote this Declaration at the end of September 2015. Since that time, we have shared it with many people who said it is helping them tremendously in rescinding any cult ties and being even more empowered.

I, __________________________ (your full name), on _____________ (the date you say this Declaration) in ______________ (your present location), now and forever break all vows, oaths, blood oaths, curses, commitments, promises, any forms of magic, contracts and agreements, including all fine print, known or unknown to me with anyone or anything, physical or non-physical, in any lifetime and timeline, that come near me or into my energy field for the purpose of harvesting my energy or otherwise harm me in any way. I completely banish all cult energy and dark energy now and always. Everything and anything that I have done or that has been done to me are transformed in the highest, purest and most loving light for total and complete transformation. I claim that my body, mind, and spirit are filled with the everloving light of Divine Source. I acknowledge, nurture and honor myself, knowing that as I walk ever so present in each and every moment consciously creating my path, I am with my own thoughts, feelings, emotions, and energies. I declare that I am separate from all outside Beings, entities, people, technologies, Artificial Intelligences, media, mind control mechanisms, and anything else that attempt to influence me in any manner whatsoever. I further declare as a Sovereign and Free Will Being in this present moment and in this current Earth timeline as stated above, that it is my birthright to express my True-Self at all times. I am in my True Self Expression!

*If you have full moon ceremonies, please demand that you, without a shadow of a doubt, align and work only with the pure energies so as to not align with and amplify the dark energies emitted by the harmful and manipulative technologies of the dark forces. Awareness is crucial! Now, of course, awareness can be quite uncomfortable because we now perceive things that perhaps at one time were believed to be of the love and light. Additionally, awareness can be inconvenient because as our insights have shifted, and the veils of illusion disintegrate, we cannot be the same person and do the same things. It is our responsibility to take action now and create our lives from this new place of deeper awareness, which may be very different from those around you.

Questions to ponder: What is the moon? Is it natural? Is the moon everything that has been taught to us? Is it a hologram? Is the moon a facade and behind what we see from Earth, is a black cube filled with dark technology that is controlling it and us? And what are those black cubes (and Darth Vadar buildings as Michael calls them)? Is Earth, and all of us, part of a video game invented by Beings who enjoy manipulating us? How can we be even more alive, awake and aware and create our lives as the Empowered Free Will Beings we truly are!