I Am Nurtured and Well Taken Care Of in My Energy Field


I Am Nurtured and Well Taken Care Of in My  Energy Field


Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.


Rainbow Bridge to      

Conscious ReAwakening

Do you perceive that there is more consciousness in the World? Very exciting times. My family and I have been waiting for a very long time (many lifetimes). More people are waking up, being aware of everything, without judgment, and creating their lives and taking action as the Empowered Beings they truly are.

Now with all this ReAwakening, those who would rather not see us ascend and evolve are really “ramping up” their energies and technologies (and believe me, there are technologies that we have never imagined that are controlling us) to infiltrate this “ReAwakening” to keep us from evolving. Even more fake stories in the news in an attempt to create more trauma and drama and get us off our path of what is true. And what about those “False Light Beings” pretending to be of the True Light, giving many people incorrect messages and information to pass along?

What do we do to continue the momentum of our Truth?

Be Aware, Be in Your Wise Discernment, Be Strong, Be Empowered and Be in Your Energy!

Here is something that I wrote last year about being Present. It is just a little write-up that can assist all of us with our connection to ourselves, Our True Selves. Hope you enjoy.

Being Present With Ourselves
by Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.
Rainbow Bridge to Conscious ReAwakening

One of the most important things we can be is Present with ourselves. When we are present with ourselves, we are present for our children and everyone else. It is not always easy to achieve in the busy World in which we live. Here is a very straightforward and fast tool we can all use throughout the day to check in with ourselves and return to our energy field and be present. While being quiet, just for a moment say to yourself ”I am in my Energy Field. I am nurtured and well taken care of in my Energy Field.” Just feel in to the energy of this statement. Do you feel your energy expanding? In this expanded state of being that is infinite, can you feel your “I Am” presence and know that no matter what goes on in the World, you are nurtured and well taken care of in your energy field. An excellent statement to share with your children so they may also be in their presence, awareness and empowered.

Additionally, it is about taking care of ourselves emotionally, energetically, physically and mentally. We never teach protection because it comes from fear. With protection, it always seemed to us that it was coming from a place of “there is something out there that can get us” and we do not find that empowering whatsoever.

When we are using the energy to protect ourselves (placing bubbles around ourselves or whatever), we become contracted and cut off our awareness which puts us in a position of giving our power away. Can you feel in to the difference between protecting ourselves and taking care of ourselves? Taking care of ourselves is in alignment with our higher vibrational living. What would it take for us to take care of ourselves and be in our awareness, without judgment, and create our lives in this place of empowerment?