Journey with the New Beings Teleclass


Journey with the New Beings

(New Children, Teens & Adults)



We are very pleased to invite you to join our family for an informative and exciting Teleclass to learn how we can all assist our children and teens on their journey and how they are preparing us for the New Earth.

Our two-part live interactive Journey with the New Children, Teens & Adults Teleclass

Dates: 2/22 & 3/1/17 


1st Class:  5:30 pm to 7:30 pm (Pacific Time)

2nd Class: 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm (Pacific Time)


Included in the price of this two-part teleclass is our e-book that describes the topics that we will be discussing as well as numerous tools and techniques that will assist you and your family.

During this Teleclass, we will explore the following:

1.  Understanding the differences in the New Children, Teens, and Adults

2.  The truth about learning disabilities and diagnoses

3.  Honoring and keeping your children’s/teen’s gifts and awareness  alive

4.  How to connect with your children/teens/others energetically

5.  Turning your children’s/teen’s Sensitivities into Awareness while reawakening you to your truth and knowing

6.  Connecting/Grounding Tools and Techniques

7.  Open up to the world of telepathic/energetic and heart centered communication

8.  Techniques to enhance your relationship with your children/teens
 ~~Connecting, caring for and nurturing your inner child/children and how this deepens your relationships with yourself and others.                                  

 9.   How the New Children, Teens, and Adults are helping us lift our vibrations

10.  Integrating all the new energies with ease, joy and grace

With over 20 years as parents of one of the new children, we are excited to share our experiences of navigating our way during a time when there was very little information to guide us.  Listening to our inner knowing, we have always trusted and allowed our son, Tristan, to take us on our journey of opening our hearts and living a life that we never could have imagined.  We look forward to sharing this information and everything we have learned to assist you on your journey.

$55.00 PER PERSON (includes Booklet)
$45.00 EACH FOR TWO OR MORE (one payment only)


Illuminated Journey Telelcass – 1 Person($55/ea)


Illuminated Journey Telelcass – 2+ ($45/ea) 1 Payment Please



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