Journey with the New Beings Workshop

Journey with the New Beings Workshop

We are very pleased to invite you to join our family for an informative and exciting Workshop to learn how we can assist our children and teens on their journey and how they are preparing us for the New Earth.

In the morning, we will explore the following:

During the morning session of this Workshop, we will connect with other lifetimes that you have brought in to be healed, so they no longer affect you in ways that are not of your highest loving light and as Michael says “getting off the Karmic Hamster Wheel.” You will also connect with your inner child/children who are eagerly awaiting your arrival and along with what you have brought over from your other lifetimes, these parts of you will truly be integrated, healed and transformed. You will also learn to care for and nurture all of you, so you will always be in the loving nurturing light. This Illumination of your True Self and Original Essence is truly a powerful experience and one that will forever deepen your relationship with yourself and others.

In the afternoon, we will explore the following:

– Understanding the differences in the New Children, Teens, and Adult

– The truth about learning disabilities and diagnoses

– Honoring and Keeping your children’s/teen’s gifts and awareness alive while reawakening you to your truth and knowing

– How to connect with your children and teens

– How to connect with your children and teens energetically

– Turning your children’s/teen’s Sensitivities into Awareness

– Connecting/Grounding Tools and Techniques

– Open up to the world of telepathy / telepathic communication

– Techniques to enhance your relationship with your children/teens, etc.

– How the New Children, Teens & Adults are helping us lift our vibrations

– Integrating all the new energies with ease, joy, and grace

With over 20 years as parents of one of the new children, we are excited to share our experiences of navigating our way during a time when there was very little information to guide us. Listening to our inner knowing, we have always trusted and allowed our son, Tristan, to take us on our journey of opening our hearts and living a life that we could never have imagined. We look forward to sharing this information and everything we have learned to assist you on your journey.


Time:  10AM – 5PM

Dates:   TBA

Location:  So. CA                                                              

Other locations can be arranged if minimum attendance is met of session date)

Fee:  $75.00 PER PERSON (includes MJT Booklet)
          $65.00 EACH FOR TWO OR MORE (one payment only)


Journey Workshop – 1 person – $75/ea.


Journey Workshop – 2 + persons (One payment for all registrants) – $65/ea. (adjust attendee amount in cart quantity box)



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