Self Mastery in the 4th Dimension

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Self Mastery in the 4th Dimension


Janiece, Michael & Tristan Boardway

Although we received this question quite a while ago, we still see its significance and wanted to share this information with everyone.


For years, I have heard that we can go from the 3rd dimension right into the 5th dimension without having to experience the 4th dimension. It seems that we are experiencing the 4th dimension right now. What happened and why didn’t we go right to the 5th dimension?


Yes, we heard that for many years and on one hand, we think that would have been amazing! On the other hand, that would not have been true Ascension since it does take work to look within, be honest with ourselves as we uncover those areas that may not have made our top 10 list of things we like about ourselves (Haha), know ourselves, trust ourselves and express ourselves genuinely. By missing this all-important “learning, cleansing, awareness and empowerment” dimension, that would have been ascending without doing the necessary work it takes to rightfully evolve. It could be termed “fake ascension”, which could get us on another topic such as the fake mainstream news. Okay, now we are getting somewhere since it would appear that there is a commonality in the agenda of both as they distract us from what is really going on within us, what is happening globally as well as multidimensionally. Believe us, there is a lot going on out there in the cosmos as well as underground.

Looking at this on a personal level, if we skip the 4th dimension, it would be like identifying a problem/issue and then saying an affirmation without the appropriate processing and healing. That would be going from step A to C and forgetting about that all-important B step. We find that the step B is what truly empowers us. We will even go as far to say that this false theory (ascension without the work) was another myth that was presented to us to distract all of us from our Awareness. Well, you all know by now how our family feels about being Aware.

There certainly are no shortcuts since the 4th dimension is most definitely important to be aware of because when we acknowledge what exists within it and learn how to navigate our way successfully, we are truly empowered. Additionally, it takes mastery of this dimension in order for us to evolve.

First, we would like to say that the 4th dimension has some aspects of it that are very important for us to learn as they develop our awareness. As we have stated before, as we become more aware, things that were previously hidden are now in view. When they are within our perception, we have many choices with what we can do with this awareness. For example, we can judge them, which places us in the right/wrong, good/bad polarities of insanity. We can use defense mechanisms such as denial, escapism, repression, and projection, which are another level of insanity. We also have a choice of being aware without judgment and use the newly discovered information to become even more empowered. Of course, processing and healing any and all thoughts and emotions that arise.

Let us investigate the 4th dimension so we can understand its significance in our evolutionary journey. The 4th dimension embodies a very dense and heavy energy and remember, nothing heavy and dense will ascend. Thus, since the inhabitants of the 4th dimension embody these heavy and dense energies, they are not of the love and light and do not have our best interests in mind. Furthermore, they are not choosing to evolve because existing in the lower and denser energies has worked for them so well as many have been able to attach themselves to and thus manipulate people who do not know that these malevolent Beings even exist. In some instances, these Beings have attached to people who mistakingly believe them to be Angels and other Beings of Light. Many channelers are connected to these lower Beings, knowingly or unknowingly, and channel their messages to unsuspecting people. Consequently, false information, that may appear to be true at first, is shared that distracts people from their true journey and as a result, the evolution of everyone is impeded.

In understanding what is inhabiting the 4th dimension, then we can see that it is really an important dimension on our evolutionary journey. As such, we learn to be aware of what exists in the denser realms and without judgment of what and who they are, we learn to practice self-care; physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. We learn to be in our power as we step up, set limits and clear these denser and lower dimensional energies. Perhaps this is one reason why we were taken from the higher or more expanded dimensions and brought to the 3rd dimension since it does take awareness, responsibility, discernment, and diligence to honestly face the shadows of the 4th. We see it as a dimension of going within and truly knowing, trusting and empowering ourselves.

Not surprisingly, many things in this 3D world have their roots firmly grounded in the 4th dimension. In fact, anything that does not support, enhance and nurture every living thing, is from the 4th dimension.

At this time, we will look at a few examples of the reasons the 4th is so important to clearly understand as each one gives us the opportunity of gaining more awareness and thus, taking the action that empowers us and everyone else.

In this dimension, we see total opposites at the same time. On one hand, the electronic devices we use at this time make our lives easier and convenient and on the other, can harm us physically, mentally and energetically. When we are aware that these devices are not of a high vibration as they embody the 4th-dimensional technologies and dense energies that drain us on all levels, we can take the action of self-care when using them. When we have this information, we can choose how to take care of ourselves when using any of these devices. Additionally, we learn how to limit ourselves to the use of let’s say, cell phones, so we are not drawn into the texting addiction. Remember there are frequencies that are emitted that cause addiction to these devices.

Furthermore, when we are aware of the negative consequences these electronic devices have on children, we can teach them self-care techniques as well as help them choose how to spend their time that does not involve sitting in the house using wireless devices. It is vital to understand that electromagnetic frequencies in these devices open up the blood-brain barrier, allowing toxins in that saturate the brain tissue. When you pair this with the fact that children’s skulls are thinner and their size is smaller than adults’ skulls, their brain tissue is more absorbent. In addition to the physical effects, we can also see how these devices can affect us on a psychological level. We see all too often how easy it is for people to spend countless hours on their electronics instead of developing healthy relationships with others.

In today’s World, where children are introduced to technologies at a much younger age, it takes strong, confident and aware parents to limit or say “no” to their young children when it comes to using electronic devices. Even if all their friends own every technological gadget on the market.

Another example of the importance of 4th-dimensional awareness is mainstream medicine. Think about this, if all the drugs and medicines were actually for our highest good, then there would be no side effects. Again, this information can propel us to take the action for the health and well-being of ourselves and our family instead of being subject to the medical field that on an energetic level, is very low and dense since it inhabits the 4th dimension. Of course, if a medical procedure is necessary for any reason, then knowing that this field is connected to the denser energies, we can take the vital steps in taking care of ourselves as we undergo any procedure. It is important to cleanse and clear anything negative associated with the medical field, whether it be the facility, medicine or personnel so everything and everyone is operating in the higher dimensions that are supportive, nurturing and truly healing.

Again, by taking our physical and mental health and well-being into our own hands, we again transcend the 3rd and 4th dimensions. Thus, we are operating at a much higher energetic level that propels us on our evolutionary journey.

Everything we do that helps us become more aware and take the action that lifts us up instead of allowing ourselves to be programmed in the 3rd and 4th dimensions, helps us evolve. It could be as simple as no longer watching mainstream television (talk about programming) and spending more time with our families having lively conversations, playing games together, reading and sharing information with each other, meditating, doing guided visualizations, or learning a healing modality together. Whatever it is that brings more awareness, enhances your relationships with yourself and others, is definitely assisting you in evolving into the realms of infinite possibilities. Hence, when we are well-equipped with this awareness we can take action from a very mindful and empowered position if we hear, see, feel or perceive in any way, things going on in the 3D and 4D realms that are put in place to distract us and keep us ignorant so we do not evolve. 

Another lesson of the 4th dimension is one of discernment. It is important for us to learn to discern since it is true that not everyone will evolve because that is not their agenda. They are connected with the 4th-dimensional Beings and organizations such as the shadow government and other secret agencies and are used as plants who disseminate false information to again get us off track from our evolutionary journey. There seems to be an overabundance of them at this point and it is up to each and every one of us to be clear with ourselves, honest with ourselves, trust ourselves, know ourselves and discern their energy, messages, and information. Are we choosing to evolve or unconsciously allowing ourselves to be manipulated and oblivious to what is actually occurring? Again, are we choosing from awareness or are we escaping, justifying, repressing, projecting, rationalizing or completely denying? None of these lead to our evolution. That is ascension without the work. It’s like waiting for that flock of bluebirds to come and save us. Don’t think that is going to happen, but wow, how powerful is that information in controlling and manipulating people’s thoughts and emotions as they allow their awareness, discernment, and power to be taken away.

In answering this question, some of the things that came up for us regarding the 4th dimension were as follows:

It can be beyond our comprehension because it is nonlinear and holistic in nature.

It is a further expansion of everything about us since it is a preparatory dimension to get us ready for higher levels of awareness.

It is a dimension of allowance of everyone’s process since we can choose to be more aware and proceed in an expanded direction, while others who chose not to evolve will go in another direction.

It is challenging and more rewarding at the same time as we explore our self-sovereignty and Oneness. We are all One and we are all individuals at the same time.

As we become more self-aware we increase our expansiveness, our learning level goes up. Our level of understanding increases. It expands and we expand.

We are creating our foundation of awareness as we navigate into the higher realms. Without these important steps, we could slip back as we have done before. How have the Beings in Andromeda and other places continued to flourish in these expanded dimensions? Certainly not be giving their power away.

Our evolution is always a choice. We can continue to do the same things, reinventing the wheel and staying in the 3D and 4D World or we can choose to cross the river, even if the current is strong and unpredictable, and be the Empowered Multidimensional Beings we truly are and have always been and will always be.

Just think, if we by-passed the 4th dimension, what would we have learned?