The Language of Our Soul

1377226_236441419813524_106372361_nThe Language of Our Soul

by Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.

Rainbow Bridge to Conscious Reawakening

Have you noticed that the children are speaking a different language, and many are not speaking at all? We call this new language “Soul Language” because it goes beyond our verbal language. It goes within the depths of our soul and is most definitely heart-centered. As we connect more deeply and become more present with ourselves, we begin to live within our heart center, and that is where our Soul Language resides. Soul Language is the language of love and always expresses our truth. It may present itself in communicating energetically and vibrationally, through pictures, symbols, colors, sounds, smells, silence and just being. I, remember as a child being in the garden with my Dad for hours without any verbal conversation. We even built a stone garden planter without speaking too many words. In silence most of the time. It was quite beautiful – the experience and the garden planter. During our visits to my Uncle’s cabin in the mountains, my Dad and I would get up much earlier than the others and go outside and just sit in silence. Before we knew it, the deer and other little critters were all around us, sharing their loving energy with us. I am very grateful that my Dad and I were able to just Be because these peaceful and gentle experiences allowed me to be heart-centered and express the language of my Soul. It certainly prepared me for my son, Tristan, who truly comes from his heart and because of our soul connection, he has reawakened my knowing, so I am once again perceiving beyond this reality and expressing my true self. Oh yes, I am happy to say that my awareness also includes the magical visits with my Dad, who crossed over during my pregnancy with Tristan. As Beings of the New Earth, we invite you to Just Be in the Soul Language of Love.

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