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The Agenda Behind Computer Games


Tristan S. Boardway


On my 8-year-old grandson’s birthday, he was given an iPad and since that time, he plays a lot of games that are violent. He and his parents don’t seem to think it is a problem because they see these games as not being real. I don’t agree with them. I wanted to know what you think about all these violent games and do you think it affects children in a negative way.

Tristan’s Answer:

I agree with you too because violent video and computer games do affect kids negatively. I think these games are a way of training kids that it is okay to harm and kill “pretend” people and even monsters that they see on these games because they are not real. When a person plays these games, they are on their electronic device or using a controller for their TV game and it separates them from their actions. Like they are somewhere else killing people or monsters and it doesn’t matter anyway because it is not real. It looks like a harmless game because a person is “pretending” to kill others but think about it, are they being trained for something in the future like sitting in their offices, programming their computers to control drones to strike and kill people in other countries?

I think it is called a programmed conditioned response because from an early age through playing these “pretend” video games, they have learned that nothing and no one can be harmed if they are seen on a computer or TV screen. Is it really a game or a training simulation?


The Energy of Music


Tristan S. Boardway

I have always been aware of music and the energy that it creates. Some of the music, mostly the popular music for people my age is very dense and heavy. I feel sad for the people who listen to this type of music because it lowers their vibration. I hope they wake up soon and understand how they are being controlled when they listen to that kind of music. This doesn’t mean that I only like classical music or calm and peaceful music. I like listening to a lot of the music from the 1980s, but after that, the music became very dark and cultish. It is easy to read and see the energy of many of these singers that sing these types of songs.

There are a lot of little kids who only like to listen to calming music, and when they hear music that is a lower vibration, they will act out. We see it when we shop in stores that play crazy music in the background and the kids go nuts and start screaming and crying. I wonder why these places play this type of music if they know people will become agitated. That’s a good question, I think.

Even though this type of music is being pushed onto younger people and children, I do see changes. For example, on Youtube, so many people are sharing their music with beautiful pictures. I believe this will get more popular as time goes on because it makes us feel better.

Many of the people who are incredible musicians creating music that uplifts us and our vibration are from the music planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. In fact, many of the famous classical musicians and others whose music lifts our vibration as well as the vibration of Earth, who have had lifetimes on Earth, are now on the music planet. Their music is uplifting and creates a loving and healing ripple effect everywhere. I wish more people were aware of the energy of the music.

A good exercise to do with your children and even teens, if you have an open relationship, is to listen to various pieces of music and ask them how they feel, what images it brings up for them, and what thoughts they have. It will help them discern, and perhaps they will even choose music that is benefitting them instead of draining them.


Pyramid Children


Tristan S. Boardway

Last year I received a message from one of my Star Friends who told me about the new children who would start to come to Earth in July of 2012. She said that these children are the next step in our evolutionary process and are bringing the planet and every living thing into balance. She called them the “Pyramid Children.” The reason why she called them the pyramid children is that they have the pyramid symbol located in each of their heart centers. What I was shown was that the girls have an inverted pyramid, and the boys have an upright pyramid. The inverted pyramid represents the feminine, loving light energy that is always flowing into Earth and us and gives us spiritual inspiration. The upright pyramid represents the masculine energy which is receiving this loving light and anchoring it into our being.

I liked that the children were connected to the pyramids because I remembered some of my lifetimes in Egypt and knew that at one time the pyramids were used as healing structures, and they were very sacred and powerful. There were also many ceremonies inside and outside of the pyramids and people came to further their spiritual studies.

Also, my Star Friend is from a planet from another Galaxy and they have the same pyramids, and they are used for the same reasons.

Another thing I saw was that these two symbols together make the Merkaba which is the structure that allows us to incarnate into our physical bodies at a higher state of consciousness, activating our light body.

My Star Friend then told me that the children would be bringing in these very powerful energies to heal any remaining parts of us that are not of our true being. They are also reactivating all the energies within us, and Earth that have been dormant and then she kind of laughed because she said that we have been asleep for a long time.
She stated that it would also help the children who have been having difficulty being here on Earth because they are already in the very high dimensions and the energies here just were not high and loving enough for them to feel comfortable in their physical bodies. They are kind of like me and enjoy being in those higher dimensions more than here on Earth.

These children are taking us to a much higher level of awareness which allows us to activate all of our gifts and capabilities. It will happen for everyone automatically if it is their desire. Everyone just has to connect with these pyramid children by being in their heart center.




I wanted to tell you about my experience with the energy last week. There was a lot of energy coming in, and it was very strong. Did your kids feel it? We got a lot of emails from people saying their kids were in bad moods, upset, not sleeping at night and having arguments and problems at school. A few kids didn’t even want to go to school because of what they were feeling. I wanted you to know what all this energy is about and what I did that helped me. I did some grounding techniques to help me with all the energy because there was a lot. Then the Beings of Light told me that this healing energy was needed to help Earth because of all the changes going on and the stuff that has happened to Earth for so many years. I was told to let the energy go through my body and my feet and send it down into Earth to help Earth. We can also send the energy by facing the palms of our hands down to Earth or going outside and putting our arms around a tree and send the energy that way. It is a really a good to do for Earth and us too because if we hold this healing energy in our bodies, then it will get stuck in some locations of our bodies and we may get headaches, moody or something like that because it is just too much. The energy coming in will be getting more intense, and it is good for us all to know what to do with it. If it stays stuck in your body, you may feel upset, or feel pain in your body or not be able to sleep so just remember to send it to Earth so the energy can heal Earth. Please tell your kids because they are feeling it the most.



Last night I had a dream that I was on the beach. I saw a humpback whale in the ocean eating krill. We talked in our minds (when I say mind I mean in our hearts). He told me that dolphins had died in Florida because of the oil spill. He was very sad about that. He talked about the nuclear problems in Japan and the that the toxins went into the water and are killing the sea life. He wants the humans to care more about the animals in the ocean. He wanted me to thank everyone for always sending loving energy to the ocean and the ocean animals and thank the kids who are lifting the vibration of the Earth because all of us are helping to save the sea life and all of Mother Earth. It was neat because my mom and our friend had this same dream and saw me communicating with the whale.

It is one of the whales that I know from the grid we have been creating with lots of other dolphins, whales and everyone that has great love in their hearts. We have been working on this love energy ever since I was a baby, and I remember flying around with the whales and dolphins in space. The whales and dolphins are of a very high vibration and frequency and have come here from their water planet to help people open their hearts and love. It is easy for me and other kids and I feel like more and more adults are opening their hearts too instead of being so afraid of being hurt. It’s like we are going into a new way of being and that is with love and anything that is not of that vibration we don’t do anymore because it just won’t work out and will cause problems. I feel that most of the people like me are already like this, and that is why we have connected so much with the whales and dolphins. We all vibrate with the energy of love.




It is interesting because I have noticed for awhile now that all I have to do is feel the vibration of love and the energy automatically goes to everyone and everything I am thinking about. Mother Earth too. It’s like we are love so it’s here already and we don’t even have to concentrate or meditate on it. It has always been this way for me but now it even seems faster. Have you noticed this too?



I have been having a lot of fun talking to mom and dad about what they have been seeing. They have also been seeing a lot of different things in the sky too and even some ships. Mom has seen light pyramids in the sky (mom and I started seeing huge golden inverted pyramids in the sky in Florida a few years ago–I will write more on those later) and what she says look like windows opening up in the sky too and lots of other things. I hope when you see different things that you talk with your kids about them because there is so much going on now and it is good to share with one another. And I think they will be excited that you are seeing what they have always seen around, like me. When we do healings, I am taking my parents to other dimensions. It is fun after we are finished because they can’t wait to tell me what they experienced. And I tell them that’s right; you were right there with me. It is so neat because we are all having the same experience. I think my mom wrote about it on our website under healing services.



I have been thinking a lot about the oil mess in the Gulf and have been feeling sad. My parents and I send loving healing energy and also reconnective healing there when we do our world healing meditation. We do this every day. Then I was thinking that I could ask as many people as I know to spend at least 5 minutes a day during their meditations and prayers and send loving healing energy to the Gulf and all of Mother Earth. My mom and dad suggested we send my idea out to all of you since we have people on our Journey list from around the world. I hope that all of you will participate with my parents and me in this world healing meditation for at least 5 minutes every day. Please share this with you family and friends and that way we can have so many people doing this that healing energy will be sent to Mother Earth every day, 24 hours a day. I think all of our love can help the planet. Thank you very much, Tristan



I have always had dreams about flying with the whales and dolphins. We fly all over and in the grid too. It is always fun to travel with them because they have beautiful healing energy. They have helped me feel more comfortable being on Earth. I know that they are here to help all of us. All we have to do is open our hearts and then they will contact with us. My mom, dad and I listen to a woman who does whale and dolphin meditations which are always very nice. Last night I had a beautiful dream that I wanted to share with everyone. A humpback whale came to me, and we visited another dimension. There was a very long line of souls waiting to come to Earth. They were all Star Children. They told me they were picking out their parents and just waiting until it was time for them to be born. The whale and I talked to each other telepathically, and it told me that the reason why there are so many Star Children coming to Earth was that they will help increase the vibrational frequency of everyone on the planet in order to help us through the ascension process. These little spirits have been on Earth many times before, but they are excited about coming now because they know that so many people are ready to receive all the love they are bringing with them. I thought it was nice that the whale took me on this trip so I could tell all of you about what I learned. Love, Tristan



My dad, mom and I always do a World Healing Meditation together. Lately, we have been sending our loving energy to Haiti. I hope you will all do the same. I wanted to tell you about one of my dreams I had the other night. A nice man from another galaxy came to visit me, and he told me about the people who died in the earthquake in Haiti. He knew I was really sad about that. He said that they have gone onto other dimensions and are now sending their healing energy to Earth. He said it was important for them to leave so they could do this important work. I was told that many of them would be incarnating on Earth very soon with the higher vibration to help Earth evolve even faster. He wanted us to continue sending our love to Haiti and said that our hearts have opened up even more because of this experience.



During one of my travels, I met a girl named LaMaria who was from a different planet. She wore a beautiful medallion on her forehead that was held with straps on her head. LaMaria was sad because she said the people on Earth are complaining and are so unhappy that this energy is affecting her world in a negative way. LaMaria said that even when we watch violence on TV, we all begin to think and believe these negative things. Then we start creating them on Earth. She asked me to tell others that what we do, think, feel and say affects everything everywhere.



I had a dream that I traveled to India and met with Gandhi and Mother Theresa. Gandhi told me to continue on my path of reminding people that they are filled with love and to share this with others. Then Mother Theresa came out through the doorway and asked me to help in the healing of the Earth. My mom, dad and I do a World healing meditation. It’s easy to do. Just fill your heart with love and see that expanding outward to everything. We see and feel this loving energy go into the depths of Earth. I also like to I take my drum and stand in front of trees throughout the forest and as I am drumming to them I visualize loving energy going to the trees and spreading that energy to everything in the forest. I do this to many trees and the ground. My mom and dad said they were feeling good vibrations on the mountain since I have been doing this.



I went to Heaven and spoke with God. God told me I would be traveling to a planet like Earth, but the people of this planet were more evolved. I went with a girl to this planet. It was very beautiful. There was no pollution and no wars. The air, water, and land were clean. The people were loving and accepting. They didn’t watch TV at all. They spent time together talking and playing fun games. They worked together and made clothes and grew food, sharing it with everyone. They used crystals to run everything, so that is why they didn’t have any pollution because everything was done in cooperation with nature and not by force. They took care of all of the nature really good.The people were telepathic and also could speak out loud. I was told to remember what I saw because it is important for me to share this with as many people as possible so we can create this type of world right here. The girl said for us to create this New Earth we have to be kind and love ourselves. She said a lot of people on Earth say and do a lot of bad things to others. Humans even are pretty mean to themselves. For us to create a peaceful World, she said it is important for us to forgive others who we felt had hurt us and most importantly to forgive ourselves for hurting ourselves and others. Then we would feel the love again in our hearts. I think that when we feel all this love inside, we will begin seeing it in everyone. Then we will be connected to everyone in this loving space within us – because that is who we are.



My mom and I were talking and wanted to share a message and exercise with you. She is helping me because there is a lot of words and we all know how I would rather communicate in pictures and not writing a lot of words. We were talking about right and left brains and how they operate. Our world seems to be set up for left brain thinkers. Left brain thinking is good but, it is important to be connected with our hearts too. I think a lot of people forgot about their right brains and hearts. That is why so many horrible things can go on in the world. People can always find a good enough reason to justify their expressions of hatred towards others. It is just fear – their fear of feeling the pain within themselves that needs to be healed. There are many kids like me in the world who are very right brained. We see in pictures and are very telepathic and intuitive. Some people may say that we are too sensitive. I say that we are bringing out the truth in everyone. Sometimes we do not always do it in a way that adults want to see or experience. I remember when I was young, and I was around someone who would say nice things, but that’s not what I saw inside because they did not mean it. I would feel what they were feeling within themselves, and it was not nice at all. Their feelings that they were not addressing were very loud to me, and the only thing I could do was to act it out in an irritable way. Unfortunately, they did not understand that it was their hidden feelings that I was acting out and would see me as the problem. Also, another thing that we kids do is when we are around people who we are not comfortable with, we go into other dimensions where there are loving beings of light. (I have to admit that sometimes we do this when we are bored doing school or something we don’t want to do.) I am writing this because there are so many of us who are misunderstood by others. Because of these misunderstandings, they want to give us labels of dysfunction. There is nothing dysfunctional about us at all. People are saying one thing and then behaving in a totally opposite way because they are not in touch with their hearts, their true feelings. We kids, and I know there are many adults like this to (my mom is like this too), come from our hearts and have been trying to fit into the left brain world of thinking and analyzing things to death. It isn’t easy, so it throws us out of sorts. My mom always said that it was more difficult for me coming into this world because I, and other children like me, are pure love. She says that when we come to Earth with our special reason of teaching people to love again, the lower vibration of fear really can throw off our systems. We are not used to this fear vibration, and it is very hard on us. We remember our truth, and we are here to remind you. So how can you help us and also help yourselves too? My mom and I were talking about it and decided it would be nice to share an exercise that I do with both my parents. We do it with all three of us together too. It is fun to do with many people too. If you are in a school or something like that, you can do it with all the kids. Okay, here it is. Stand or sit across from your child and look into their eyes. Raise up your hands and have them raise their hands, so all of your palms are facing each other but not touching. Connect with each other and feel your heart open up. We are sending our loving vibration to you and clearing the path to your heart. You are all connecting at the heart level. It may take time, but you will feel it, and it feels good. You will also see some pictures we are sending you that will help you be telepathic too.



One more thing. If you meet a kid who is different from others, maybe they are like me and don’t talk like a regular kid, or maybe they don’t talk at all, or maybe they behave differently, that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with us. Just get to know us and don’t try to change us to be who you want us to be. Being different is good. For so long on Earth everything has been done the same way and look how things are going. Not good. We feel a lot more than most people and we have come to show you what is not working on Earth and how to change it. So listen to us with an open heart to understand our true message. We are all love.




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