What Happened? A Sincere Question from the Boardway Family


What Happened?
A Sincere Question from the
Boardway Family

Rainbow Bridge to Conscious ReAwakening


When Michael and I began our spiritual adventure many years ago, even before the birth of Tristan, we thought about the upcoming years and how advanced we would be in our evolution. Then, of course, when Tristan was born, we were sure by the year 2017, everyone would be on their spiritual path while firmly grounded happily in our bodies on Mother Earth. After all, if a high vibrational spiritually evolved person like Tristan was born, surely many others were as well and humanity would openly embrace all their gifts and abilities, reawakening their own gifts and abilities. Perhaps this reawakening happened and is happening on a small-scale, after all here we are sharing our information.

In fact, we recently spoke with one of the people who wrote an endorsement for our book, Our Family’s Journey: The Nurturance and Empowerment of a Spiritually Gifted and Aware Child with Crystalline Energies and his Parents (which should be available in a couple of months), and he stated that he is seeing the same thing as us. Basically, that nothing much has changed in the area of parenting and it appeared that the subjects that let’s say, our family is so comfortable in speaking about, are still very foreign to so many. We discussed that the reason for this is not that there is a lack of information because these days, we do have a plethora of information on the internet. At the time when Tristan was born, there was no Internet that allowed easy access to all of this information that today is so readily available to anyone who has the desire to expand their reality. Even at a time before the internet, our family took the time, went beyond the illusions and asked questions
to become more aware. We never took anything at face value—we questioned everything including vaccinations, food and so on. We even asked what one may call more esoteric questions such as “why when holding Tristan does he look just off to the side of me and smile.” Was there someone or something there that he was enjoying and bringing to our attention? Basically, we took the time to go beyond. Hey, we are humans so not every moment was and is a blissful awe-inspiring blast of awareness and illumination. Sometimes we are in the muck of things in this reality. Let’s be honest. After all, here we are on Earth!

Returning to the Internet of unlimited and sometimes downright misleading and devious information, we have to be aware and discern since there certainly is a lot of information that is not always true. Although is that not part of our evolution? You know, that taking the time to go within, learning and knowing more about ourselves so we can trust ourselves to know where a person, who is giving out the information, is coming from and their agenda? Are they really on their “true” spiritual path and sharing the information from Source? Are they, unknowingly or knowingly, sharing information from negative entities, demons and the like? Are they government plants giving us a load of baloney to keep us off our path of evolution? Perhaps in their messages there are truths intermingled with lies to entice us so we believe them instead of listening to our inner voice that says, “hmm, something is off here”, and begin to question and receive our awareness and the “truth” of the

During our conversation with our friend, we thought that by now more families would be exploring beyond this 3D reality and be more comfortable in speaking about subjects that are less mundane. Even know and speak about the New Children/New Beings and what they (we) are contributing to everyone’s evolution. Also, to explore subjects such as past lifetimes, non-physical Beings, both positive and negative, and how they can affect our lives as well as many more subjects that go beyond this 3D reality. By now, we believed that families would learn about energy and healing. We thought families would delve deeper into subjects such as the types of educations that works best for their children and if their children go to school, also spend time going beyond the usual subjects that are taught such as what role have other worldly Beings played in our history. Of course, this would take breaking out of the box, becoming aware and expanding our energy and thus, our reality. It is worth
the time to explore the subject of other worldly Beings and how they affect our governments as we will have a better understanding of our past, present and have the required information to change our future for the better.

Other questions to ponder would be things such as the safety of wireless devices especially for children who, as we stated before in our writings, have skulls that are thinner and thus, absorb the radiation and other negative effects with enormous intensity. Also, questioning why people are glued to their phones and texting all the time rather than speaking face to face with others? Could there be frequencies in these devices that cause addiction? Yes, indeed there are. Also, questioning why there is an agenda of connecting us to technology when really, we can telepathically and energetically connect with others to communicate. But then again, this is not the agenda of those in their pseudo power because it is their desire that we are disempowered and must rely on technology. Now I am not saying that all of these things are not convenient. Of course, they are. However, perhaps less time texting and more time developing our “innate” gifts and abilities is a good idea to help
ourselves evolve. Just a suggestion.

We will say, that there are many parents who are questioning the safety of vaccines. However, what seems like the majority of parents are still not delving deeper into this subject to uncover if there is a sinister agenda involved to inject poisons in children’s bodies in order to “dumb them down” so they are unquestioning robots or to harm them now (especially the New Children) or later in life. Maybe even causing diseases such as cancer in the future of the person receiving the vaccination. Here is a question my family and I have asked: Why is it so easy for people to believe that cancer has to exist? For that matter, every other disease invented by the Annunaki to harm humanity and for depopulation because when there is fewer people, we are easier to control.

Now of course, there are a million plus other questions and insights that can go beyond the proverbial “box” so we stop “reinventing the wheel”. But we have to wake up, start asking the questions for awareness and take that action to gain greater clarity. We have to do something entirely different and that may be scary for some people because you know, being different is not about winning a popularity contest and being accepted by others. We have to ask ourselves, “do I want to continue to reinvent the wheel or gain greater awareness, greater knowledge and greater wisdom?” For our family, it isn’t about reinventing the wheel since when Tristan came into our lives, he expanded our reality and it has been about forget the wheel, how do we get cars to fly. Hey, how do we get our bodies to fly and so many other questions that seem to “fly” around our house.

So where are we going with all of this and what is the point anyway other than us expressing our free flow of thoughts and awareness that seems to be never ending?

Why are some parents still bringing up their children the same way they were brought up and the parents before them, ad nauseam, and not questioning anything? We do know parents who are questioning the illusions of this reality, but from what we hear, they feel pretty alone and even challenged by those holding onto the outdated and many times, false beliefs. Why are many parents outwardly focused instead of being on a journey of self-exploration, self-knowing, self-empowerment so as to be a model for their children.

What Happened?

Is it all the years of viewing mind-numbing mainstream television with all its brainwashing material that if watched consistently indoctrinates people to the narrative that is pushed to block our evolution? If this information becomes a belief, then it is held on to as truth and then never questioned.

Is it all the vaccinations and fluoride people have received and ingested that have numbed their senses? How about all the technology? Perhaps that also has a brain-numbing effect. Could it be the insufficient quality of food and water that is available to us? We can eat organic, but how do those chemtrails affect our food and water supply. How do they affect us and let’s not forget to mention the nanobots we breathe in from chemtrails. Oh, and why are “they” also putting Lithium in chemtrails that are sprayed in various parts of the World? Have you been feeling tired, confused, dizzy (we are hearing from people who are experiencing vertigo), and have an overall “foggy brain?” Just asking. Of course, these symptoms and others such as memory loss and forgetfulness, can also be due to Smart Meters and other technological devices. Nonetheless, all of these things are affecting us and not in a good way. This may sound very depressing and you may even think, “wow, the Boardway
family are real downers”, but isn’t it better to be aware so we can help ourselves and our families instead of being victims?

Is unquestioning and disconnection from self also due to secret technology and programs such as Darpa, MILAB, and MKUltra that are negatively affecting us. And why are so many people being triggered? Hmm, is that MKUltra programming on a large scale? It seems that people cannot even talk about certain subjects without becoming triggered. Why are people so emotional to where they lose themselves? Could it be that the emotions of people have been manipulated to where they unconsciously act out beliefs that are truly not their own to serve the agenda of others?

Is it the secret technology and programs such as MILAB, MKUltra, etc., that are manipulating us, numbing our senses, and in some cases mind wiping us and filling us with altered memories that attempts to disconnect us from our inner self and inner knowing and thus, our innate desire to venture on our quest for truth?

Perhaps the pursuit of inner knowing, truth and expansion has been impaired because people have become so busy and distracted, that they have allowed others to make decisions for them and their children. We acknowledge that the World has become extremely busy; however, was this the agenda all along so people are disconnected from themselves and others? Is part of the agenda just about keeping us so busy with working and making money to “survive” on planet Earth, that we have given our power away to others. Let’s face it, for some it is easier to listen to the “so-called experts” allowing them to tell them every step of the way regarding how to live their lives and what to do with their children.

What happens when we keep very busy lives and bring up our children in the same way? For some, their precious time they spend with their children is running them from one organized structured activity to another. Perhaps the parents were brought up the same way and never had time to connect with themselves because they had parents who were very busy and disconnected. Is this the underlying agenda and now we are seeing the results of a few generations of those who are not connected with themselves and thus, cannot make that meaningful connection with their children. Again, with our busy lives it is not always convenient to take the time to go within and discover what works best for ourselves and our family. It is however, absolutely essential for our evolution.

Our evolutionary journey involves self-empowerment and if people continue to give their power to others and allow them to make decisions for them and their family, then that is not very empowering at all. In fact, it is all about not questioning anything, not acknowledging themselves and their knowing, not trusting themselves and giving their power to others who may be unaware or do not have their best interests in mind.

Perhaps memory loss, disconnection of self, giving our power away to others and everything we have mentioned above and even more than we have written, because of course, we do not know all the agendas that are being put in place, is what happened and is happening.

Our family has chosen to take the time to ask questions and be as aware as possible in every given moment, so we can further ourselves on our evolutionary journey and perhaps in doing so, we can share our information and energy behind the words to assist others on their evolutionary path.

You see, our personal evolutionary journey becomes a way and means of assisting in the process of helping others on their journey of reawakening, remembering and evolving.

In thinking of it this way, the question becomes:

What is happening in my inner world and how can I make that a contribution to myself, my family, and to the World.