A Dream is Only a Dream until I Wake-Up

IMG_0046.jpgA Dream is Only a Dream until

I Wake-Up

by Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.


Rainbow Bridge to Conscious Reawakening

Since childhood, I have always loved my night flights in the cosmos. You know that freeing feeling of leaving the physical body and soaring out into the expansion of all that there is and beyond. The sense of being nothing and everything at the same time. For many years, those night flights were lost to the depths of my unconscious mind since those around me were not so appreciative of the other realms of existence although, to me, they were more real than the physical world. A few years before the birth of my son, Tristan, I began remembering some of my cosmic experiences as well as the hours I had spent as a child in my families’ backyard visiting with the fairies. Another one of my favorite places and one in which I will write about later. You see, even before Tristan’s birth, he was coming to me in the preparation of his arrival as if to say “C’mon, you can remember.” It was exciting to remember my flights again and go on new ones and reawaken this part of me that had been lost for so long. Then after the birth of Tristan, I began flying around. And I have to say not always was I conscious. However, the stage was set for me to wake up more and more. And I have learned that if I do not remember all of that experience, I do receive all the information energetically which is just as important. It is a process. Yes, there is a reason why I am going on about this. The other night while I was drifting off to sleep, I was feeling my etheric body leaving to lift off into flight. However, I kept waking up. After about fives times of this, I just asked: “Okay, what am I holding onto that if I could just let go, I could just let go.” (Oh, that letting go thing!) This time, as I began relaxing and falling asleep, I again started to bring myself back however just at that moment, I saw a beautiful ball of light coming towards me. As this ball of light got closer and closer, Tristan’s face appeared. So bright and filled with love and adventure, he said: “c’mon mom.” We flew off together through the starry skies. I remember stopping, suspended in space, looking out onto the Pleiades and the other celestial bodies all around. There was a message here for me I knew, so I stayed to receive it. Tristan, of course, was off and flying on to other galaxies beyond all the galaxies for he is happiest in this expanded form and there are no limits for him. In the morning, I thanked Tristan for coming to me that night to help me in my expansion, my expression of my true being. He smiled. I invite all of you to expand into your beingness when your children say “c’mon mom” (and dad too)! Our children have come to us to take us to a whole new level of being that is filled with possibilities beyond our “dreams”. Are we ready and willing to go on this journey with them or are we still trying to fit them into the “old” ways of being that have not served us well? I say “C’mon, let’s go!”

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