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Twenty years ago, Gary Douglas who is the founder of Access Consciousness developed a type of energy work called “Bars.” Bars is a technique that energizes certain points that run through and around our head. These 32 Bars of energy store the electromagnetic components of all of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, attitudes, decisions and points of view that we have ever had in any lifetime.  Each thought, feeling, belief, idea, attitude, decision and point of view that we have fixed in place solidifies the energy and limits our capacity to be expansive in that area.

Some of the 32 Bars include Healing, Awareness, Money, Control, Creativity, Hopes and Dreams, Joy, Sadness, Kindness, Gratitude, Peace and Calm, Time and Space, Communication, Body, Sexuality, Aging, and others. Additionally, there is a Restructuring Bar that calibrates our body to the new way of being so that it does not return to the old way of functioning. By running energy through the 32 Bars, all of our thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, ideas, attitudes, decisions and points of view that are electrically stored in our brain are released from all of our lifetimes enabling us to experience optimal health and well-being in our body, mind and spirit. A Bars session releases areas where the energy is blocked and opens us up to receiving more of what we desire.

The Bars can be run on everyone (babies, children, adults and the elderly) who wishes to enhance their lives since it creates a lasting feeling of peace and well-being.




















A Bars session generally lasts about an hour in length. During your “Distant Bar Session”, Janiece will energetically touch these points on your head, and the blocks will dissolve thus, releasing any limitations so you may move forward in your life creating new experiences with ease, joy, and grace.

You may receive Bars as many times as you desire. The more you have your Bars run, the more limiting points of view are released, enabling you to experience more of who you truly are. The amazing thing about Bars is that once a limiting point of view is gone, it never returns. How can it get even better than that?!












The Access Consciousness Bars is now being studied by neuroscientist, Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin, who has been studying the brain for over 16 years. He said that when he saw the results of the brain maps, “…my jaw dropped; I was so astounded. This is the very first time that I have seen a brain do what we are about to show you.” 

If you would like to hear what Dr. Fannin says about the Access Consciousness Bars, please view the following.


Ed: Dr. Fannin is founder and  Executive Director for the Center for Cognitive Enhancement and Thought Genius, LLC. 





(1) Distant Bar Session – Includes Notes ($125.00)


(1) Distant Healing with Bar Session – Includes Notes & Skype Session ($275.00)


(3) Three Distant Bar Sessions – (same individual please) Includes Notes after 3rd Session – ($325.00)


(3) Three Distant Healing & Bar Sessions – Includes Notes & Skype after 3rd Session – ($725.00)


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