Alive, Awake, Aware, Action


20150123_121316Alive, Awake, Aware, Action


Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.

Rainbow Bridge to

Conscious ReAwakening

We took a picture of this spaceship cloud a few months ago. Looking at the sky, day or night, we all can see what many of the Star Beings are doing to assist our Earth and us. Like this one pictured above, these spaceship clouds are doing many things, including dissipating the chemtrails that are sprayed in an attempt negatively to affect our weather, us and all living things on our Earth. To place even more metals in everyone in an effort to robotize us. Just like they do with vaccinations, food, water, cleaning goods, all electronics and so much more.

Go outside, take a look at the sky. Some tremendous things are occurring that we have been witnessing for many years and have picked up since January 2015. You will not see this on mainstream news. Well, that will be coming up. However, when the media brings forth this information, using our Wise Discernment will be of the utmost importance since they will also have mainstream propaganda attached in an attempt to “fool” us even more as well as creating endless distractions to keep us from the truth.

If we are here to have and be more of ourselves, doesn’t that mean being aware of all those aspects of ourselves even the not so loving parts of us? Being aware of all the lifetimes where we have aligned with the “darker” sides? In order to move forward and advance ourselves and Earth into the higher and loving realms, we must see all aspects of us and integrate everything. Can we be compassionate and love ourselves in the process? Hey, we are with ourselves for eternity, so let’s start taking care of ourselves, nurturing and loving ourselves and living a more respectful life. If we do not integrate ALL the parts of us, then we will have blind spots and continue to create ourselves and our lives with unconsciousness and unawareness.

Wake-up, be aware of everything, without judgment, be empowered and take action. It is time to take ourselves back and take our Earth Mother back!