Freedom is our Birthright


10501699_10152553020020135_7007471558567477083_nFreedom is our Birthright


Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.

Rainbow Bridge to 

Conscious ReAwakening


Yesterday, we watched the hearing in Sacramento on the SB277, mandatory vaccinations. We are very grateful to all the people and all of their children who attended and spoke up for the rights and freedom of everyone. They presented themselves beautifully and eloquently. We are so very sorry that it fell on deaf ears – those who made up their minds long ago in support of domination, control, and manipulation. We know who they have aligned with and they most definitely do not have our highest interests in mind.

As my husband said (and has said many times after meetings he has attended over the years) “it was a done deal even before the meeting was called.” He added that it is generally those with the “fattest” bank account who wins. Again, we know who they are. Tristan said, “this was a good lesson on how our government does not work for the people.” Yes, Tristan, thank you for speaking your Truth as always. And I say “how can we out create the stupidity and insanity of this reality?”

It isn’t about being negative. It is about Waking-Up, being Aware and Knowing that we have been dominated and controlled by powers which are much “higher in rank” than their “puppet” elected officials who are doing their dirty work. It is just the beginning of them taking away our freedom if we do not stand in unity demanding our rights for ourselves and our families.

You may think “well, this is just in CA. or just happening in the US. However, it is just the beginning of seeing how much freedom they can take from us. If it can happen here in the Golden State, it can happen anywhere. Thank you for reading this and being committed to yourself, your life and the lives of each of the members of your family.