Beyond Words

1743747_10151999681532499_1919445448_nBeyond Words

by Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.

Rainbow Bridge to Conscious Reawakening

The write-up on the left was an interesting explanation of how plants be in the World. I thought especially fascinating that plants hear through vibrational frequencies just like us and every other living thing. It makes me reflect on how we communicate and take in information since it is far more meaningful than just verbal speech. This way of communicating is what the New Children who do not speak at all are teaching us. We just have to slow down and be present to be aware of what they are sharing. However, these children are being diagnosed and seen as having disabilities.
What if the disabilities of the 3D world were holding back the abilities of these higher vibrational children. And what would it take for all of us to be present, step into our awareness and soar side by side with these Highly Evolved Beings and Co-Create a New Earth? Wow, fascinating possibilities.

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