Co-Creating with your Loving Light Beings

Co-Creating with your Loving Light Beings

We will spend our time together connecting with our Higher Selves, Angels, Ascended Masters and many, many more Beings of Light. We will also learn the importance of being aware of who we are connecting with and receiving our information as well as who others receive their information. Are they from the Highest Loving Light or impostures such as negative entities, demons and others pretending to be Light Beings in order to manipulate us into their devious agenda.  

By taking our Power back, trusting our Ourselves and Awareness and using our Wise Discernment, we know that we always connect with our Higher Self and all the Beings of the Highest and Loving Light.  

Please join us for this very informative and interactive teleseminar. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

6:00 pm to 9:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Fee:  $35.00  PER PERSON
        $25.00 EACH FOR TWO OR MORE PEOPLE FROM THE SAME FAMILY.                       See PayPal buttons below



Co-Creating with your Loving Light Beings – 1 individual – $35/ea.


Co-Creating with your Loving Light Beings – 2 or more individuals from same Family – (1 payment for all registrants,  adjust in cart quantity box) $25/ea.



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