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Enlightenment Guidance
for Parents, Grandparents, Caregivers, Teachers,
Occupational/Speech/Physical Therapists
of the New Children/New Beings

As parents of one of the new children, Michael and Janiece, with over 22 years of experience, have explored various techniques and modalities that have assisted them on their journey with their son, Tristan.They have discovered many on their own since there was a limited amount of information when Tristan was younger. Through the years, Tristan has been their teacher and has shown them how to be more in the present and be awake, alive and aware helping them on their pathway to becoming more evolved beings. These one-hour sessions have been designed to be an open dialog between the parents and caregivers and Michael, Janiece, and Tristan. They will use their experience in assisting parents and caregivers to understand and work with behaviors that are perhaps not considered the “norm.” For example, sleep patterns, frustration, anger, fear, speech and learning differences, visitors from other realms and more. In working together, they will clearly envision the current dynamics of your family and offer suggestions and techniques that will be beneficial in achieving the positive changes you desire and creating harmony in your relationships. These sessions will be conducted via telephone or Skype.




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