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Over the years, we have had some pretty amazing conversations with Tristan. I have always written them down since I felt they are very important. I wrote this entry when Tristan was just seven years old. I had taken him to a playgroup that day, and he was very tired when we returned so we just sat together relaxing. After awhile, we began this conversation.
Janiece: You really had a great day today, didn’t you.

Tristan: Yes, I had fun, but I am really tired. It isn’t so easy to be in my body. I liked the way I was before I came to Earth.

Janiece: Can you tell me what you were like before coming to Earth?

Tristan: We all looked like God.

Janiece: What does God look like.

Tristan: You know mom, light and energy.

Janiece: I am so happy that you remember that. What did you do when you were in that form.

Tristan: Well, we flew around a lot. I miss flying so much. It was so beautiful there, and all the other spirits were so loving. It was nice, and I didn’t want to leave.

Janiece: Well, God must have wanted you to come here for a very important reason. Do you remember what that was?

Tristan: Yes, God told me that so many people had forgotten how to love on Earth that I had to come and teach people how to love again.

When Tristan was 16 years old, we discussed the conversation we had ten years earlier and this is what he had to say. We also continued our conversation about many other subjects that Tristan wanted to share.

Tristan: It hasn’t always been that easy for me to be on Earth. I didn’t want to come here in the first place. Remember Mom that I told you that I was a Light Being up in the Stars. My friends and I were flying around, and we somehow got separated. I was lost and didn’t know where to go. Then God came, and I asked God to help me get home. God said it was my time to go to Earth. I told God that I didn’t want to return to Earth because I remembered other lives there that were not good. I also told God that I didn’t want to go back to Earth because many wars and people were being hurt. God said to me that so many people had forgotten how to love that I had to come to Earth and teach them how to love again. So after a long conversation, I decided to come even though I still really didn’t want to.

Janiece: Do you remember your experience coming here?

Tristan: I met with some other Light Beings who helped me pick you and Dad to be my parents and then I went through a portal and came to Earth. I remember going through the portal. It had window type things, and I could see out at the stars going by.

Janiece: What was it like when you came to Earth?

Tristan: When I got in my body it didn’t feel good, and I didn’t like being upside down. I felt dizzy. I climbed up, it took a long time but finally I was able to sit comfortably. It felt better, but I still didn’t like being in my body. There were many times when I left my body to fly around in the Stars again, but I always came back because I knew God wanted me to come to Earth. When I was born the first person who held me was my grandfather (my mom’s dad). He was in spirit form because he had just died that May and I was born in July. He and I have visited together many times since I have been here. He is nice.

Janiece: When you were a baby did you get used to being in your body?

Tristan: Not so much. Being in my body was very hard when I was a baby and when I was little. It felt very uncomfortable. When I was in my body, I felt very weak probably since I never totally came into it. Because I felt uncomfortable, I left my body a lot to fly around up in the Stars. I remember trying to crawl, and it was very hard to do so I scooted on my bottom pushing, with my hand. Forget about trying to walk because it felt like I didn’t have control of my body and I was afraid of falling. Mostly what I liked to do was to observe how people behaved on Earth and took that information on my flights to other Beings who were interested in human behavior. Little by little I became more comfortable in my body I think because you always took me to healing type people who could help me feel more comfortable on Earth. And you and Dad saw them to so it helped all of us. I am still trying to be grounded totally on Earth. I guess it takes time for me and probably other kids like me because we feel so much of the negative energy on Earth. We know how to go to other places where it is so loving. Wouldn’t you go there if you could?

Janiece: Yes, definitely. I can understand why those places would be more enjoyable for you to visit. What about talking. It didn’t seem like that was so easy for you either.

Tristan: No, it was really hard. It’s so much easier to talk to others in “my mind” (telepathic communication). I have so much information coming to me that it is hard to get it all out when I talk out loud. It sounds like I have trouble talking because I have to slow down, and I miss some words, or it just comes out wrong. When you speak telepathically, it comes from you heart and talking out loud verbally kind of disconnects you from your heart. So kids like me who are very feeling have a harder time because we are always in our hearts. When you communicate from your heart, it’s like you use more parts of your brain which opens you up to seeing so much more. It’s hard to explain. I don’t know why I started to talk out loud it just happened. I talk a lot now but still some people have a hard time understanding me.

Janiece: I am happy that you like to speak out loud. That’s good because we never thought you would talk but I hear what you are saying that it hasn’t been easy for you. It must be a little difficult because telepathic communication is much more advanced and that is what you do really well. So it is almost like you have had to go backward and learn to speak out loud again.

Tristan: Yeah, that isn’t so good. But you helped a lot by not making me talk when I wasn’t ready. That way, I could teach you to be telepathic. You didn’t even know I was showing you, but that’s what I was doing (laughing).

Janiece: Oh yeah, I remember getting all kinds of messages, feelings and pictures from you. I still do. Thank you for teaching me that gift. I love it. I think people will go more towards telepathic communication when they open their hearts more. What do you think?

Tristan: I think that will happen although it is taking too long. I get really impatient with people sometimes. It’s frustrating for me to be here sometimes. It would be good if people opened their hearts faster so they can be telepathic. There is nothing to be afraid of.

Janiece: I know that you have had a lot of visitors come to you at night. What is that like?

Tristan: Even when I was a baby, I would see a lot of spirits come to my home at night when I was sleeping. It was scary because some of them weren’t very nice, but I was very lucky because you and dad always let me sleep with you. Usually, the spirits who came to me needed help moving on after they died. Some just kind of got lost. So I would stay with them until the Angels, and other spirits came to take them to the Spirit World. It was always beautiful when the Angels came. Actually, I saw the Angels all the time at our house, so that was very nice.

Janiece: Why do you think that some people are unable to move on after they die.

Tristan: I think people get stuck sometimes because they are scared. Maybe they have done something bad or feel guilty about something in this life, and they are afraid of what will happen to them.They don’t know where they will go.Do you remember one time I was sleeping and a dog came to me in my dreams? He was outside of our house; he was dying and in pain. I flew down to be with him outside, and I asked if I could help him go to Heaven and he said yes. We talked in our minds. I placed my hands inside his body, and he said he felt better. Then the Angels came, and the dog left with them. That was so beautiful. The dog was so loving.

Janiece: Yes, I remember that so well. I am so glad that you were able to help that dog. He came to the right person. What else do you do during your dreamtime?

Tristan: I love to fly around and meet a lot of really neat Beings of Light. Lately, they have taken me to their planets and talk to me about how I can help people be peaceful and how to take care of the Earth.

Janiece: Yes, you have come back with some great information. (Dear Readers, you will find this information under the link “Tristan’s Travels” and also by reading “Creating A New Earth” in the Articles section.) Do you have anything else you want to tell people that you remember?

Tristan: Yes, I also remember many of my lives. I think I remember so many of them because I didn’t go through the veil when I came here. I was told that it was important for me to remember these lives so I could talk about them and that would help resolve any problems they may cause for me in this life. A lot of them were really bad. Remember that is why I said I didn’t want to come here to begin with. I didn’t want to experience any of the pain again. It helps me a lot when I can talk to you and Dad about those lives. It seems like when I remember them, and we talk and do things to release them I can be in my body more. I feel more comfortable.

Janiece: I am very happy that you share these with Dad and I. I have always seen a difference with you after we process a life that you have remembered. I know that since you have told us about your lives that Dad and I remember a lot of our own which also heals those parts of us. What else helps you be in your body?

Tristan: A couple of things that really help are walking in the forest around our home, meditation and doing QiGong. My body feels so good. I think something else that helps me be in my body more is that the energy of the Earth is changing. I remember when I first came to Earth, the energy I felt was really bad. When I came through the portal to Earth, I could feel a lot of the fear energy that was on Earth at that time. I just wanted to leave and not come here when I felt that. I mean there is still a lot of that negative energy on Earth, but more people are opening up their hearts and trying to help. That is why so many of us have come at this time. You know, we had to change the energy.

Janiece: Yes, you are right, honey. You all came to wake us up. Is there anything else you want people to know about you and other kids like you.

Tristan: One more thing. If you meet a kid who is different from others, maybe they are like me and don’t talk like a regular kid, or maybe they don’t talk at all, or maybe they behave differently, that doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with us. Just get to know us and don’t try to change us to be who you want us to be. Being different is good. For so long on Earth everything has been done the same way and look how things are going. Not good. We feel a lot more than most people and we have come to show you what is not working on Earth and how to change it. So listen to us with an open heart to understand our true message. We are all love.


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