Embodying our Awareness

DSC00123Embodying our Awareness


Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.


Rainbow Bridge to Conscious Reawakening

For many years, we have been hearing the word sensitive when describing many of these new children and lately many people have been writing to us about the “sensitive” children in their lives. We have heard that they are sensitive to food, sound, colors, clothing, electronics, and many other environmental factors. Now it seems like “energetically sensitive” is the new buzz phrase in describing many of the children as well as many of us.

There was something about the word sensitive that made us feel uncomfortable, so we decided to look up the meaning of this word. In the dictionary, sensitive is described as a person who is susceptible to the attitudes, feelings, or circumstances of others, quick to take offense; touchy, and easily irritated. No wonder we always felt our energy drain when we heard the word. It certainly is not very empowering, is it?
We then thought about the word aware and immediately felt a lightness energetically. We looked up its meaning in the dictionary, and it stated that the word aware is a person having or showing realization, perception, or knowledge. Now doesn’t it feel empowering that we have many choices and possibilities available?

Looking back on our journey with Tristan, we have always seen him as being aware and not sensitive. We have to say that there were times when others enjoyed using the word sensitive when speaking about Tristan. However, we would always say “yes, Tristan is very aware.” It was always fun to see how people processed the fact that there are possibilities instead of limitations. A very liberating way of being.

We see that there are so many aware children in the world and continuing to come into the world in order to wake us up to our awareness. That we are unwilling to make our children or ourselves adapt to a World that is full of things that are of a vibration that is not working for us or them. What if they are showing us a better way of being that honors and nurtures everyone and is filled with love and compassion. What would it take for all of us to step into our awareness even if it does not agree with the reality of mainstream’s belief system?

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