Expanding our Reality

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Expanding Our Reality


Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.

Throughout the years, our family has had many wonderful conversations. It is our desire that you have conversations like these with your family.

About 7 or so years ago, Tristan and I were talking about our current lives here on Earth. Tristan said, “Mom, this is my last life on Earth.” I knew that when Tristan said this statement to me, it was true. Although to tell you the truth, I had never actually thought about that subject before. Wow, how many lives have we had here, how much more will we have on Earth and what else can we choose? It opened up a whole new World for me full of choices that I had never even imagined. 

During that conversation, he also added that I had three more lives on Earth. Oh no! Tristan shared that my next three lives would be during a time when Earth and all of its inhabitants have attained higher consciousness. I was very pleased to hear that, to say the least.

Tristan’s last statement during that conversation deeply touched my heart as he said, “In your next three lives on Earth, I will be your Ascended Master, and you will be totally alive, awake and aware of receiving all of the love and information I give you.” I said, “Honey, you are already my Ascended Master. You just chose to come in physical form.”

It was interesting because, for the next few months after that conversation, we seemed to meet people who said to Tristan, “This is your last life on Earth because you are doing what you came here to do.” You may be asking what exactly is Tristan’s mission on Earth? Yes, you knew I was leading up to a story!

This conversation occurred when Tristan was very young. We had just returned home from one of our trips “down the hill” to a homeschool park day. We were both a little tired and sat quietly with each other inside our home. After a while, we began this conversation:

Janiece:  You really had a great day today, didn’t you?

Tristan:  Yes, I had fun, but I am very tired. It isn’t so easy for me to be in my body. I liked the way I was before I came to Earth.

Janiece:  Can you tell me what you were like before coming to Earth?

Tristan:  We all looked like God.

Janiece:  What does God look like?

Tristan:  You know mom, light, and energy.

Janiece:  I am so happy that you remember. What did you do when you were in that form?

Tristan:  Well, we flew around a lot. I miss flying so much. It was so beautiful there, and all the other Spirits were so loving. It was nice, and I didn’t want to leave.

Janiece:  Well, God must have wanted you to come to Earth for a very important reason. Do you remember what that was?

Tristan:  Yes, God told me that so many people had forgotten how to love on Earth that I had to come and teach people how to love again.

In our home, there was never a question of whether what Tristan was telling us was real or not. Everything that Tristan has ever communicated to us, both Michael and I have said, “Yes, I remember.”

He came to reawaken us to the gifts we had as children. However, I do have to say that Tristan’s gifts and awarenesses are more advanced than what Michael and I had as children. Perhaps it is because Michael and I have always taken the time to listen and believe in Tristan that we have allowed him to express his inner knowing. We just know that because of this, we are relearning all of these abilities as well as adding more gifts to our repertoire of infinite possibilities. I must say, Michael and I do have an amazing teacher!