Flying in the Cosmos with our Beings of Light Friends

DSC00132Flying in the Cosmos with our Beings of Light Friends

by Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.

Rainbow Bridge to Conscious Reawakening

Since Tristan was quite little, we always taught him to ask the Angels and Spirit Guides to stay with his physical body when he slept. That way his physical body would always be well taken care of when he was out on his “night flights.” Then we would say okay Tristan, in your trips during your dreamtime who would you enjoy taking with you. He would take AA Michael and others or a Spirit Guide or one of his Star Friends. That way the Beings of Light could take care of any of the “negative” types of beings or energies and Tristan would not be bothered by them. Additionally, if a more negative entity were bothering Tristan, we would assist him in clearing this and assist the entity in moving on. We would also ask Tristan this question “who is more powerful a physical being or a non-physical being”, and he would answer that he as a physical being was more powerful. That way he would never be scared by these more “negative” entities. Of course, we always helped Tristan when he had these experiences (still do) and we felt it was important for him to learn how to take care of himself (that is why we share so many visualizations teaching people to learn really and know about their energy fields) physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. All through Tristan’s childhood, he was a conduit between this world and the Spirit World assisting souls who had crossed over and he remembered everything and still does. He helped (still does) adults, children, and animals. During these experiences, Tristan stayed with the people, comforting until the Angels, Spirit Guides and Ancestors and all the Light Beings came to take them into the loving light. When the little children came, Tristan would take them to the family room to play with his toys until the Beings of Light came. His stories were always so beautiful. Unfortunately, some of the people making their transition were not of the loving light and were not very nice at all. There were the people who were not ready to successfully cross over because as Tristan said they are afraid to do their life review. He said that they can become stuck and can attach themselves to people. They seem to continue with the same personality they had in physical form. As I talked about above, we taught Tristan quite young how to take care of these not so loving entities, so he was and is not bothered by them. We taught Tristan to say with conviction “I only allow the beings of the loving Christ Light in my home and around me.” That did it, and he wasn’t bothered by the lower dimensional beings any longer. We also discussed with Tristan that it is a choice for him to assist these people who are crossing over as Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey called Tristan the “conduit” between worlds and he decided that he would take a break and to allow others, adults do that work. Although he is always flying around somewhere assisting someone or some being and getting the latest technology from his Star Friends. He also, as do we, spend a lot of time in the energetic grid around the Earth assisting the children. Also, we have had some friends and clients’ family members who have made their transition and Tristan is always assisting them on their journey. Just yesterday morning when Tristan came downstairs, he said that our neighbors who made their transition a couple of years ago came to visit him. They were (are) a beautiful couple who were like grandparents to Tristan. He said that he woke up smelling flowers and then saw this couple and the wife was holding the purple flowers. I reminded Tristan that the woman’s favorite flower was Lilacs. Every year when our Lilac flowers would bloom, Tristan would make a little bouquet and take them to our friends. It was such a beautiful memory, and we were both very happy to have a visit from our lovely friends. They also had a message for their daughter as well that we passed along.

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