Inspirational Story


Inspirational Story


Janiece L. Boardway, M.A. 

For those of you who did not know, in September of 2013, my brother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer located in his colon, liver, and spots on his lungs. In August of 2014, he no longer had any cancer. Quite an amazing story that we will share since it may be of assistance to someone you know. Here are some things that my brother said was of assistance to him. 

        1. My brother loved the book we gave him and said it was extremely helpful and that he recommends it to everyone he hears who has cancer. The book is “Getting Well Again” by Dr. Carl Simonton. This book has been out for some years, and Michael and I gave it to Michael’s sister who was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor over 25 years ago. She loved the book and is alive and well to this day.

        2. Tristan—okay, we knew that one already. On the days that my brother was receiving his chemo, Tristan created a healing altar for his uncle which included his picture, several types of crystals, healing music, vibrational healing tools-some created just for Tristan by others. We would then send the loving healing light and energies to my brother. We are happy to report that my brother never was ill nor had any of the chemo side effects. The only thing was some neuropathy in his hands and feet that are leaving now. Pretty amazing!

        3. Visualizations: Tristan said to me when we first heard the news about his uncle having cancer, to not worry about my brother because he would be fine and even better. Tristan said whenever I thought of my brother and did begin to worry, to immediately turn all of that energy into healing energy and send that to my brother. Tristan also had a visualization which he shared with all of us. Tristan said that he saw a lightsaber of healing light that he used in his uncle’s body where he saw cancer, dissolving it. Lots of stories around this and wherever Tristan saw cancer, that was exactly where it was. He then began working the lightsaber of healing energy in these areas, and the disease entirely disappeared. Many a time, I would hear Tristan on the telephone with his uncle saying, “Okay, now we have to visualize the healing lightsaber in…” where ever he would see the remaining cancer. The last place Tristan saw the cancer was only two small spots on his liver. Amazing because when my brother received his diagnosis, the cancer was in his liver and surrounding it. One time, we were visiting my brother, and Tristan told his uncle that the only remaining cancer was the two spots in his liver. He added that those spots would be leaving soon because they both could use that healing lightsaber to get rid of it. Michael and I were not aware of this conversation since it was private between Tristan and my brother. On the way home from this visit, Tristan was listening to something with his earphones on, and I said to Michael “I don’t believe that my brother has cancer anymore, ” and Michael said, “Yeah, me too. He looks great and has a lot of energy.” Tristan took off his earphones and said, “Uncle Gary still has two small spots on his liver, but it will be gone soon. I already talked to him about it.” Tristan proceeded to share with us the visualization so we could join in as well. After that conversation, my brother received the results from his CT scan, and sure enough, his results indicated the only cancer were those two spots in his liver. Then shortly thereafter, those two spots were gone.

        4. Juicing and drinking blended drinks. Green drinks as well as beets, etc., — our recommendation as well. Also, suggested introducing cultured vegetables into his diet. Now he makes some delicious cultured vegetables.

        5. Tristan suggested that his uncle also sees an acupuncturist which he did. She was also into juicing/blending and cultured vegetables.

        6. Supplements that he found quite helpful. Colloidal Silver, all types of supplements. Even baking soda and coconut oil were among the list.