Latte, Magnetism and the Law of Attraction

1526685_721927211171400_670033823_nLatte, Magnetism and the Law of Attraction


Latte’s Adventures with the  Yummy French Fry

By Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.

Rainbow Bridge to Conscious Reawakening

Today we took our dogs, Holly (the Golden +) and Latte (the Chocolate Lab mix) to the Village where we live for a walk. Before we left home, I put some doggie goodies in my pocket to give the dogs at the Village. Of course, Holly and Latte smelled the goodies in my pocket and were eager to get to the Village so they could enjoy their snacks. It’s a thing we do; go to the Village, take a walk and then sit on the grass and the girls have their goodies. When we got to the Village, we were walking, and Latte with her ears perked up began pulling on the leash as if she saw a squirrel. Since there was no squirrel in sight, we were not sure at all why she was so excited. We then saw what she was so intently concentrating on. The people walking in front of us all had containers of french fries in their hands and were enjoying their snacks on their walk. Latte was working her vibration, and she was totally in the zone of being in alignment with those french fries and wouldn’t you know it, one came flying out of the hand of a man, landing directly on the ground in front of Latte. As you can well imagine, Latte joyfully gobbled it up. Now Holly was not at all aware of the french fries since she was so interested (good example of tunnel vision) in the snacks in my pocket, until she walked next to Latte and we could see those wheels turning in her head as if to say “wait a minute, I smell french fries on your breath. What’s up.” Whereas Holly focused all of her attention on the goodies in my pocket, Latte was open to all the possibilities.

Please don’t feel sad for Holly since she had many yummy goodies just a few minutes later.

What is the moral of the story: Well, we just liked the story and wanted to share. No, just kidding. Okay, here it is:

Latte says: It is important to be in alignment with the magnetizing vibration of your desire while always being open and aware of all the possibilities because Spirit always has something even better planned for us than what we can ever imagine.

Holly says: I’m 13 years old, in retirement and not going to work that hard. It doesn’t matter because mom and dad will always give me lots of goodies!!!

(The above story was written in fall of 2014 and it is now summer of 2016. Our beloved Holly made her transition in January 2015. Her sister, Latte, chose to transition in May 2015 to join her sister, Holly and her other sister Haley, who made her transition two years before. They were all rescue dogs! The three girls were with Tristan since childhood, with Haley coming to live with us when Tristan was five, Holly arriving when Tristan was six, and Latte joining our family when he was ten years old. Our beloved girls loved us so much and we loved (and still love) them so deeply. They will forever be in our hearts. We were very sad and still miss their physical presence. Although they enjoy visiting us in their new non-physical forms and we love when they do. We missed them so much that we only got through three weeks and went to the animals shelter to adopt one dog; however, since Michael was with Tristan and me, we ended up adopting two amazing dogs!) 

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