A New Way of Learning


Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.




Tristan said the posted picture was very close to what he was seeing when he began learning to read. He added that the letters and words were dancing quite lively on the page and were never standing still. We started experimenting using books with different colored backgrounds with different colored print, and Tristan said that the letters and words were no longer dancing around on the page, and thus, he could read. We took him to a drugstore and asked him to pick out some sunglasses with colored lenses that he thought would work for him. Tristan chose lavender. We returned home, and he got one of his little books that had black print on a white page, and he said that he was able to see the letters and words clearly since they were no longer dancing around on the page. He used the lavender colored glasses on and off for a year or so and after awhile, he did not require them at all while reading, even black print on white paper.

We wondered, hmm, why is this? Wouldn’t you know it, the next weekend, I met a woman who left her public teaching career, out of frustration, to assist children who were diagnosed. (I immediately liked this woman.) She told me that ever since schools stopped using the mimeograph machines in the late 1960’s, the incidence and diagnoses of learning disorders, dyslexia, etc., increased substantially. The woman went on to explain that it was at this time that schools went from using mimeograph machines that used paper that was off-white in color with a more blue print to using photocopy machines with stark white paper and black print. Hence, the extreme contrast creates visual distortions such as shadows, movement in letters/numbers which can result in headaches, problems with vision, attention, concentration as well as even being unable to track what line of text a person is reading.

We have suggested using colored lens glasses to many parents with children who have been struggling in school with reading and it has worked. One 17-year-old teen, who could not read and was in special education, choose glasses with yellow lenses and went home began learning how to read with ease. His teacher and assistant could not believe it. He started writing stories, along with drawing vivid pictures, of his flights he experienced during dreamtime. Quite amazing.

Now we are not saying that this simple technique will work for everyone; however, why not give it a try. Of course, it is always important to have their eyes checked, which we did with Tristan, first to rule out anything that could be causing problems.





If you (or others you know) are diagnosed with a learning disorder such as dyslexia, etc., and you are unsure of a word or even a sentence because the letters are jumbled around or dancing on the page, ask yourself the following:

“What is the energy of this word,” 

“What is the energy of this sentence.”

When you ask the above questions, just be in that energy, and you will perceive it’s meaning. If you have a child or know someone diagnosed with some of the 3D labels, ask them these questions. It is remarkable how this works. We have found for some people that it may take them a little bit of time since they have had many people in their lives who have used methods to teach them to read, write, etc., that are still attempting to get them to do things the “mainstream” way instead of energetically. However, more than not, we believe that this method will be quite easy and fast for you and others who communicate way beyond the written and verbal words of this reality. You truly get energy and know how to be “energetically,” so why not use your gifts to navigate in a World that just does things the same old and slow way. What if you being who you truly are and expressing your gifts, was exactly what the World requires changing for the better?


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