New Children, Teens & Adults (The New Beings)



(The New Beings)

by Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.

Written 1/12

We use the term New Children, Teens and Adults to encompass everyone who is an Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal, Star, Blue Diamond Star, Pyramid, etc. Even those who are called the “Super Psychic Children” and have been studied in China since 1974 and currently studied in Russia and Mexico are the New Children, Teens, and Adults. In addition to these more “higher vibrational labels,” we also include people diagnosed with the Three Dimensional labels of ADD/ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Bipolar, OCD, Dyslexia and many others. We find that these multidimensional children with such diagnoses are extremely high vibrational and often find it more comfortable to exist in the higher dimensions that are full of more loving energy. All of these children, teens and adults will be discussed in more detail in our book entitled “Our Family’s Journey.” You will find information about the “Pyramid Children” who Tristan began speaking about in Spring of 2012, at the end.

Have there always been New Children? For us, the answer is yes. In fact, in our house, we just use the term “New Beings” since it encompasses children, teens and adults. Several names come to mind, such as Buddha, Yeshua (Jesus), Gandhi, Einstein, Confucius, Mary Magdalene, Florence Nightingale, Joan of Arc (and numerous other women whose names escape us at this time and of course never written about in our history books), and countless others who possessed the qualities and energies of the New Children, Teens and Adults. Each one was shifting the beliefs and lifting the vibration of their generation and generations thereafter. They created the vibrational space for even more New Children to come to Earth. As we look at it this way, one could say that there have always been New Children. Many of us adults are also New Children and we brought with us the new energies to share with others as well. Perhaps bringing them into a World that was not yet ready for these higher vibrations, as during those times the majority were still holding onto the old illusions. However, we came in just as others did before us, lifting the vibration of everyone around us just a bit more than the previous generations. As you can see, the New Children term most definitely includes people of all ages and in our writing, we may sometimes just say “Children” however, that encompasses teens and adults and yes, babies!!!

Additionally, many of the new children, teens and adults (many of us) have come in lifetime after lifetime with these higher vibrations, gifts, and capabilities. Many have had lifetimes incarnating into indigenous cultures who knew how to honor nature and all of Mother Earth and nurture all living things, taking only what they required. They were the Shamans, healers, storytellers, medicine men, herbalists and even the oracles. They honored and were very connected to Mother Earth while knowing and maintaining their connection with their origins and Source Spirit. Unfortunately, most of these cultures have had all their information taken from them by ripping apart their families, villages, and tribes. They were forbidden to practice their sacred ceremonies, keeping Earth’s history alive. In other lifetimes, because they spoke out, helping others who were wronged and perhaps just because of their differences, were placed in asylums, imprisoned, or harmed in some manner. As you can see, the New Children have been here on Earth since the very beginning and were some of Earth’s original inhabitants.

Now, of course, there has been an increasing number of these children coming to Earth since the start of the 20th Century, with an influx arriving in the 1950s, 60’s and 70’s. Many were the first Flower Children, who desired for a more peaceful and free world. Unfortunately, the Flower Children and Hippies became lost to the drugs introduced to them as a way of having a more meaningful “spiritual” experience. As such, most of them lost their way and their original ideology. We met a woman a few years ago who was one of the Flower Children living in parks in the San Francisco area in the early 1960’s. She told us how everyone was compassionate, caring, giving and helpful. Their purpose was to change the world to be a more gentle, kind and peaceful place for all. This woman said that it was when the drugs were brought in that everyone became unfocused, disoriented and basically, they got off course. It was at that time that she decided to return to college.

With the Harmonic Convergence of August 1987 ushering in a new wave of lighter energies that began cleansing the denser layers of the Third Dimensional World, the invitation was sent throughout eternity calling for a greater influx of New Children to come and assist us during one of the most unprecedented shifts that have ever occurred. The higher numbers of these Beings were necessary and are necessary in order to lift the vibration of every individual, every living thing, on this planet beaconing us into the Golden Age.

Additionally, there has always been astrological events occurring from the beginning of time, and when one is born, they bring in with them the energies of these cosmic events. As we can see with all the Stargates, Portals, Comets, Eclipses, Meteor Showers and even the Solar Flares and many other Astrological events that have been so predominant the last few years, they bring in an energetic vibrational signature that is unique and significant to each individual who is arriving. Depending on the date, day, and time a person is born also brings in very distinct characteristics. A great example is Mark Twain, who appeared to understand this and said “I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year (1910), and I expect to go out with it. …” He was, in fact, correct, making his transition from this reality when Halley’s Comet made its return. In another example, Tristan was born in 1993 on the tail of the Hale-Bopp bringing in all the light energies of that cosmic event. In fact, when Tristan began speaking, one of the words he said was Bopp. He would take us outside to find the Hale-Bopp comet and point to it, saying, Bopp. Apparently, he wanted us to know that he flew in on the tail of the Hale-Bopp Comet.

Although there can be much overlap with each of these children, there are certain characteristics that emerge with each label. For example, even though Tristan was born during the time when the Crystal Children were coming in, he is most assuredly a Star Child. In fact, Dr. Meg Blackburn Losey in her book “The Children of Now” wrote that Tristan was the first Star Child she had ever encountered. She went on to further state that the evolutionary process was happening so fast that Tristan (Trevor in her first book) was a Star Child with a broad Crystalline energy field. (Please note that these are the only two books that Tristan gave permission in which to be written.)

What we will say is that almost all of these children, teens and adults have tremendous gifts and have come here to Earth to help us to remember our innate capabilities. Such gifts include clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairempathy, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairgustance, and clairtangency. They are telepathic, communicate energetically and with their hearts, and have natural healing abilities. When Tristan was a baby, and one of us was holding him, if he sensed someone in either physical or emotional pain even if it was a stranger, he would put out his hand facing them sending out the loving healing energy. Additionally, they are extremely aware and often if they do not know how to manage their energies and abilities then this will look like sensitivities. We have written an article entitled “Embodying Our Awareness” which may be read at www.saturn3lightflyers under Janiece’s Journals. We cannot express enough the importance of acknowledging and allowing our children’s awarenesses and giving them the proper tools so they can properly manage their gifts and not take on the energies of everyone in the World.

Many of these children, teens and adults see the auras and energetic fields around people. Many also perceive non-physical presences. When Tristan began speaking at age 3, he told us about the colors and Beings such as Angels, Spirit Guides, Fairies, Star Visitors and more that he saw around others. Tristan also shared that my (Janiece) father who made his transition during my seventh-month pregnancy with Tristan, was the first one who held him when he was born. Interestingly enough, Michael and I were feeling the strong presence of my dad during that time. What a beautiful story Tristan shared with us and we are grateful that we continue to have these visits with my dad.

When Tristan was little, and other mothers would talk about their children’s “imaginary friends” I knew they were very real. Tristan would say that his non-physical visitors were more “real” than many of the people on Earth since they were always honest and loving. Many of the children would talk to me about who was visiting them. The stories were so much fun to hear. Some of the visitors were their grandparents or other family members who had already made their transition, Angels, Fairies and other Beings of Light. It was always sad to see as the children grew up, that they lost their gift to see beyond this reality. Listening to and believing our children is so important because what they perceive is very real. When adults look at them in disbelief, then, unfortunately, the children begin to shut down their awareness and learn not to trust their knowing.

They can see beyond appearances and perceive the truth in all situations and with all people. When another person is not coming from a place of their true self, these children will most definitely perceive that and let them know. Unfortunately, many children may act out what the adults around them are not either aware of or truthfully expressing. Thus, it results in the child looking as if it is their problem and thus, the person does not have to look within. Yes, you guessed it, Tristan was one of these children. When he was young, he would stand in front of a person who perhaps was not in the expression of their true self, and he would just scream. It would happen anywhere, a playgroup, the market, restaurant, you name it. Tristan said that he was waking them up because they were sleepwalking and that was the best way he could make them more aware; by screaming. However, we did explain that if he is the one acting out, then he becomes the problem and the person does not learn the lesson. As you can see it is important to teach these aware children the proper tools to assist them in knowing and understanding how to take care of their energy fields, so they do not take on the energy of others and how to express themselves in a manner that does not make them the problem. We have many exercises to help our aware children and us on our website under tools and techniques.

When many of these children look into the eyes of others, they may stare quite intently as if they are looking into the depths of their souls. This statement is very true. When Tristan was around 14 months old, we were having dinner at our friends’ home. Tristan was sitting across from the husband who said “I have never met a kid like Tristan. When he looks at me, it’s like he is looking into my soul.” They both looked deeply into each other’s eyes, and it was such a loving experience. When people take the time and go within their hearts and connect with these children, they and everyone around them will be uplifted into higher realms of being.

Additionally, many have total remembrance of theirs and other people’s past lifetimes as well as other lifetimes. We call Tristan the King of Past Lives (actually, all lifetimes here and elsewhere) since he knows his and everybody else’s and has absolutely no problem sharing this information with people if he feels it would be helpful to them. Many a time, he would go up to absolute strangers (well, in this life) and say “are you open” and then proceed with a story of another lifetime, with all the details. Additionally, he shares how these lives are affecting them in this life, whether positive or not so positive and how they could heal and resolve it. Usually saying to most everyone to love and forgive themselves and everyone else.

Sometimes these memories can be problematic if, for example, a child has family members, teachers or classmates at school in which they have experienced trauma within other lifetimes. For example, we know a girl who did not want to attend school because she did not feel comfortable with her teacher. Every morning it was a struggle for the parents to get her up and to school since she would do everything possible to stay home. Many days she would even pretend she was sick. This girl also began experiencing stomach problems in order not to attend school. At school, she found is very difficult to concentrate and was unable to do her work. Consequently, she was evaluated and the school psychologist who diagnosed her with ADD and suggested medication. Her parents felt there was something more going on than just having difficulty focusing because she was so different at home. After contacting us, Tristan was able to tell the parents that their daughter and the teacher had experienced a very traumatic lifetime during the Dark Ages, and he felt that their daughter was feeling this energy, however, not understanding it. After a session with her, we also gave the family many tools for them to work with to assist their daughter as well as themselves. The energy shifted, and the girl no longer had any problems with the teacher, was able to focus at school and did not need to take any medications.

Another subject that we would like to discuss is about entities. Specifically negative entities. This topic is not spoken about very much; however, it needs to be addressed since so many of the children are affected by these not so pleasant beings. We especially see these negative entities at schools where they enjoy hanging out because it feels so good to be around the children. Unfortunately, what happens is that these negative entities can be troublesome for the aware children who can see them or sense them in any way. For example, one very aware little boys saw many things including the not so friendly entities. At school, he saw a negative entity around his classmate that was affecting her, although she was not consciously aware of what was occurring. This little boy knew it was bothering his friend because she was sick more often and her personality changed and she was not as happy as before. When they were on the playground together, this little boy would dart in and out of her energy field, in an attempt to chase away this entity. However, his actions looked as if he was bothering her in some manner which got him into trouble at school. He was afraid to tell his friend or his teacher; however, he did tell his parents who contacted us. After discussing this with the family, they decided that since their son was so aware and that he probably would always be seeing these entities, which was beneficial for him to learn how to clear them. One tool that was suggested was for this boy to visualize a loving light energy ball to be sent to this entity that was bothering his friend and the other entities he saw as well. The next time this boy was at school, instead of chasing after his friend and engaging in all the so-called “disruptive” behavior, he simply visualized this loving light energy ball being sent to this entity and immediately the entity left and never returned. Quite a powerful six-year-old. The parents were ingenious and on the way to taking their son to school each day, they would clear all the not so friendly entities from the school. A year later they report that their son is doing well since he now knows how to take care of himself. Additionally, his friend is back to her happy self and is no longer sick. We are truly grateful that these amazing parents looked beyond the “normal” reasons for their child’s behavior and listened to and observed their son, believed him and took action. In addition to resolving this particular problem, he was given the tools to take care of himself energetically, allowing him to continue being in his awareness, using his gifts and abilities and sharing them with the world.

For many of us in Michael and my generation who perceived these other realities; however, were not acknowledged, we are very grateful that Tristan and these other children have come to help us reawaken and remember who we truly are.

Many of these New Beings remember where they and others have originated and spoken of distant galaxies. They also have Star Friends who visit them and share information about their way of life. Under the articles section of our website, I (Janiece) wrote: “Creating a New Earth” which shares a story Tristan told us about his travels to a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. This story is just one of many that Tristan has shared with us over the years.

Additionally, many receive information from their Star Friends about such advanced technologies that it could only be available in the very high dimensions. Tristan receives such information and has created a book filled with these advanced technologies. He says that their electronic devices are very different from what we have at this point on Earth. They run by high vibrational crystals that nurture and support the being who is working with them. We are indeed looking forward to the day that all of our technology is run by these high vibrational crystals instead of what we are currently using which emits the EMF’s that are so energetically draining. Tristan has also opened Michael and me up to our remembering, and we along with our son receive information on many of these technologies and healing modalities as well as a myriad of information.

In addition to remembering their other lifetimes on other planets in other galaxies, they also have the recollection of their lives in other realms such as what we call the Fairy Realm. We have had many lifetimes in this realm as well. When you see children who are truly involved with everything in nature, the plants, animals and have great compassion for all living things, well you know they have spent time in the Fairy Realm. These are the children who will care for and tend to Mother Earth and every living thing.

Additionally, since they are very high-vibrational Beings, it is important that the food they eat and the environment in which they live is a high vibration. This meaning food that is natural, organic, non-GMO, preservative free and an environment free of pesticides and chemicals.

Many are affected by the EMF’s of technology; however, we all know that keeping older children away from computers and other devices is not realistic. When Tristan was little, he did not use the computer nor did he watch that much TV. Television was always just an hour or two on the weekends and not during the week. We still continue this as adults. Of course, when he was older, he played some computer games and Wii games. He had particular times he could play these games and then if possible after playing he would go outside and be in nature, just allowing all those energies to be cleansed and cleared. This technique can always be done inside as well, just visualizing all of the EMF’s to be cleansed and cleared by beautiful, loving light. Also, taking a bath in baking soda and natural baths salts removes the toxins from the EMF’s. Additionally, this type of bath also cleanses any negativity the child (us too) has felt during the day. Tristan is currently on the computer more with his college courses and editing that he enjoys doing. Now that we have taught him how from an early age to take care of his physical and energetic body, he automatically does this even before going to bed.

Another subject is whether or not your children should receive vaccinations. We were not into vaccinations since we did not want to put anything of that toxicity and low vibration into our son. Although, this is up to each family to investigate thoroughly and honestly go within your hearts to receive the guidance on whether or not vaccinations are in the highest and best interests of your children. Many websites are available for reading on this subject.

Many of these New Beings learn differently and are non-linear, visual-spatial and kinesthetic learners. We can see that this does not fit the protocol of the way children are taught in traditional schools. Tristan talks about a lifetime in another Galaxy where all of their technology was run by very high vibrational crystals so of course there were no EMF’s. He remembers standing in front of several computers which all at the same time were giving him information which he was able to comprehend immediately. Tristan has said that the way we learn on Earth is slow, laborious and extremely boring. Finding a school that supports the whole child and not just their intellect is actually necessary. We homeschooled Tristan using much of the Rudolf Steiner Waldorf Education. Every year we would attend The Rudolf Steiner Homeschool Teacher Training Conference in Sacramento, CA. One year I remember one of the speakers who was a Waldorf teacher talking about how imperative it is to educate the whole child and not just their brain. He spoke about how off balance children have become because their intellect is the only part of them that is educated and expanded. Lastly, this speaker stated that if we are to evolve into the beings we truly are, we must allow the children to stay connected to their hearts while gently and creatively teaching them what they require in order to live in the physical realm. I remember listening to him and feeling his tremendous reverence for children. How beautiful to be educated by such an aware and loving individual.

These New Beings have come to share their gifts with us and reawaken us to our gifts. Are we ready to allow them to express their genuine and full potential because in order for them to shine, we must reawaken ourselves to our full potential and you know what that means? What about all those lifetimes where we spoke out and were harmed in some way, or placed in asylums or dungeons or like us, pretty much all of them. That is what these last few years have been about, being aware and digging deep into the depths of our soul and uncovering, healing, transforming and transcending everything that is not of our highest light. In 2010, we were uncovering and healing our thoughts; in 2011, our feelings; in 2012, our emotions; and in 2013 our core belief systems. Now is the time to step up into our awareness, our consciousness for when we are in our truth, we are empowered. And this is what the New Beings are asking of us, some demanding from us. To be aware and conscious so we fully embody and shine our truth brightly in order to be the empowered beings we truly are. For many years, Michael and I were on a spiritual path; however, with Tristan’s arrival, he challenged us to take this step of total trust in our inner knowingness. We are truly grateful that we have stepped up and stepped into the space of our true being, our original essence. Well almost, since we know we have eternity! So we ask, how are you doing on your journey.

Pyramid Children as told by Tristan Boardway

I received a message from one of my Star Friends who said about the new children who would start to come to Earth in July of 2012. I was told that these children are the next step in our evolutionary process and are bringing the planet and every living thing into balance. She called them the “Pyramid Children.” The reason why she called them the pyramid children is that they have the pyramid symbol located in each of their heart centers. What I was shown was that the girls have an inverted pyramid, and the boys have an upright pyramid. The inverted pyramid represents the feminine, loving light energy that is always flowing into Earth and us and gives us spiritual inspiration. The upright pyramid represents the masculine energy which is receiving this loving light and anchoring it into our being.

I liked that the children were connected to the pyramids because I remembered some of my lifetimes in Egypt and knew that at one time the pyramids were used as healing structures, and they were very sacred and powerful. There were also many ceremonies inside and outside of the pyramids and people came to further their spiritual studies. Also, my Star Friend is from a planet from another Galaxy, and they have the same pyramids, and they are used for the same reasons.

Another thing I saw was that these two symbols together make the Merkaba, which is the structure that allows us to incarnate into our physical bodies at a higher state of consciousness, activating our light body.

My Star Friend then told me that the children would be bringing in these very powerful energies to heal any remaining parts of us that are not of our true being. They are also reactivating all the energies within us, and Earth that has been dormant and then she kind of laughed because she said that we have been asleep for a long time.
She stated that it would also help the children who have been having difficulty being here on Earth because they are already in the very high dimensions and the energies here just were not high and loving enough for them to feel comfortable in their physical bodies. They are kind of like me and enjoy being in those higher dimensions more than here on Earth.

These children are taking us to a much higher level of awareness which allows us to activate all of our gifts and capabilities. It will happen for everyone automatically if it is their desire. Everyone just has to connect with these pyramid children by being in their heart center.

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