Our Body, Our Choice


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Our Body, Our Choice


Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.


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Conscious ReAwakening

Here in CA apparently there is a measles “epidemic”. Well, that is what we are hearing from the “experts.” The other statement we are hearing is “get your children vaccinated.” I said to Michael that I had the measles when I was a kid and asked him if he did and he said yes. We remembered that we stayed home a few days from school (is that a bad thing?) and then returned when we were feeling better. And here we are today, alive and well.

I made a comment about being aware of the amount of fear being implanted in this measles thing and “you better get vaccinated” propaganda. Then Michael reminded me that fear is the way that we have been controlled for ages of time. Additionally, he said that as more people choose not to vaccinate their children, that even more fear information will be spread as well as illnesses and more vaccinations for those diseases. I agreed with Michael saying “that’s true. I sometimes forget we are still dealing with the 3D mentality.” I know, I forget about this from time to time since I am with Tristan quite a lot flying in those other dimensions that just are beyond all of this.

The conversation continued with the subject that if it is so important for the medical field to vaccinate the World, that they begin to question the toxic substances used in the vaccinations they are shooting into babies, children, young and older people as well as animals. It is of the utmost importance that they start studying other things that do not harm others and support the thriving of humans and animals. They did, after all, take the Hippocratic Oath. Then again, Michael reminded me that the medical field is controlled by the pharmaceutical companies who are controlled by, well, you get the idea.

Whether you choose to vaccinate your children or not, is entirely a personal choice and not based on what anyone tells you to do or not to do. Read and investigate and become aware. When you read research studies, question the findings. On a personal note, the first thing I learned, during graduate school in my research class was always to question any study and never believe it to be true. I thought “wow, such rebel words coming from my professor.” He gained my respect from that statement because I believe in questioning everything. My professor said studies did contain an element of “researcher bias” since their values, beliefs, interpretations can most definitely alter their findings, even though there are controls. He also said always to find out where their research funding is coming from since that obviously could bias the findings as well.

Most importantly, as you are doing the learning and reading about subjects such as vaccinations, go within and acknowledge and trust your knowing. You will receive your answer whether or not to vaccinate (or ingest certain foods, drinks, supplements, etc.) The list is endless because we can follow the energy and our knowing on everything and make choices that work for our families and us. Very empowering.

Written 1/15