Outsmarting the Insanity


Outsmarting the Insanity

by the Boardways

Over the years, we have looked into various Orgonite devices to use in eliminating the effects of chemtrails, smart grids, WiFi and everything else that has been invented to lower our vibration and otherwise harm us. We never felt comfortable with many of the materials that are used in making these devices such as resin and aluminum. When feeling into the energy of the Orgonite devices, we got a definite NO. We call it the “Eww” factor, as that was the word, albeit slang, which came to us along with the associating feelings and sensations!

But what to do, since the last couple of years, even where we live, we have been inundated with chemtrails and “smart” (like we fell for that word) everything. On a side note, we always knew when the chemtrails were being sprayed overhead because each one of us would begin to feel various symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, anxiety and other unpleasant feelings that seemed just to come upon us. As soon as anyone of us began to feel physically or emotionally unwell, we would go outside and check out the skies. Sure enough, there would be a chemtrail or chemtrail grid sprayed in the skies above us. 

One time during Fall 2015, we went outside to see a chemtrail plane following a dark line that was being sprayed in front of the aircraft creating a path for it to follow. Interesting is that there was no plane that we could see making the dark line. It was totally invisible. Well, that got our minds racing with numerous plausible explanations which led to a very unpleasant awareness, and we knew we had to do something. Thus, we decided to make our own device as pictured above. 

As you can see, we used a copper plant container that we have had for years and filled it with dirt. We then cut four pieces of copper tubing, placed them in the pot, filled them up with various small crystals and put a copper cap on each tube. Next, we wrapped a thick copper wire around a large clear quartz crystal and placed it in the dirt, in the middle of the four copper tubes as you can see. Lastly, we put quartz crystals that are in abundance on the mountain where we live, on top of the dirt. Viola, we had the “wow” factor since each time we added something to our orgonite device, one of us would say, “Wow, that’s powerful.” 

Little by little, we began seeing changes in the chemtrails that were sprayed in that they dispersed faster and vanished. We even started seeing that they were no longer sprayed above our home, which we thought was very interesting. Finally, the rain began. Even though it wasn’t very measurable, we were getting rain. A very good sign.

Now as most people know, we have been experiencing a drought in California for the last few years. We will add that the chemtrails have increased exponentially in the last few years as well. Now take into consideration the cycles of weather that includes droughts and add that knowledge to the increased spraying of chemtrails, and it is easy to connect the dots. Is it really global warming or global manipulation that is feeding the agenda of those who will make quite a chunk of change off the masses if we buy into their propagandized scenario. Let’s stop right there since we are getting into another subject that is best saved for another time. 

Suffice it to say; over the last few years; California has been parched, and up until this year, we have not had a white Christmas in our mountains where we live in approximately 5 or so years. As you can see in our picture at the very top, the three of us along with our two dogs, Leila and Annabelle, are standing in the snow, we received on Christmas Eve. What a beautiful White Christmas we had this year. We even received another snow storm on New Year’s Eve! Additionally, we will be receiving more rain and snow this week.

Apparently, we should have made our orgonite device years ago, so California would not have suffered a drought since it must be our device which is doing the trick! Okay, we are just joking around. Well, maybe not, since what if we all made these orgonite devices that actually work with Mother Earth instead of against her.