Pet Healing Sessions







We offer remote healing sessions for your beloved pets. We energetically connect with the animals and sense any disturbances they may be experiencing in their physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. Through animal communication, we ask them questions and discuss what illness, discomfort or emotional issues they may be experiencing. It is always vital to hear what the animal has to say about whatever it is they are going through and how it is affecting them.

Many times their physical illness, fear, anxiety and behavior issues are caused by other lifetimes they have had that have been very traumatic. Animals, just like humans, can become stuck in the reincarnation cycle, returning to Earth in other lifetimes where they experience the same trauma. It is important for the health and well-being of our pets to heal them at the DNA level so they can be free of any negative karmic pattern and thrive.

11052238_829851790397946_7791429192495525474_n (1)One of our rescue dogs, Leila, who is pictured on the left, was terribly afraid of thunder and other loud noises. Leila showed us that in many other lifetimes she was a “war” horse used in many battles. In her current life, she was very much negatively affected by the horrid scenes, noises and treatment that she endured during those past lifetimes that were stored in her DNA cell memory. Our sessions with Leila have helped her tremendously in healing all of her past life trauma so she can feel happy and relaxed in her body, even during a thunderstorm. 

After understanding the specific concerns, we then use various healing modalities to bring about total health and harmony. We have found that animals are extremely chatty and enjoy sharing many experiences with us as well as the other lifetimes they have had with their owners. We always enjoy the time we spend with animals and love to share our findings and information they give us in order to create a more meaningful relationship between you and your furry family. 

Written notes are included and sent via email with each pet and animal session.

PET / ANIMAL HEALING LIGHT & ENERGY SESSION with NOTES (no Skype/phone session) $50.00