Prayer for Healing


canstockphoto5588222 (1)Prayer for Healing


Janiece L. Boardway, M. A.

Rainbow Bridge to Conscious ReAwakening

We invite you to stand with us, unified in the field of our true essence, with all the Benevolent Beings of the Highest and most Sacred Light in sending our loving healing light to those who have perished recently in France and to everyone (and all living things) who have left this Earthly plane by such unfathomable and violent means. As we express our reverence for all of these precious ones, we know that they are embraced by this loving light as they ascend into the higher realms, penetrating any illusions that have kept them bound in the karmic cycles of pain, suffering, trauma and drama or in realms that are not of the highest and most loving light. We speak to them now saying, “You are remembered, You are loved, and You are respected for Expressing Your Truth.” Go now, ever so gently on your journey and know that you will forever live in our hearts.

Janiece, Michael & Tristan