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Tristan has been seeing symbols around people all of his life.  Each of our symbols is unique to us and are a personal coding of who we truly are. They were encoded in us when we came into existence, and our symbols are with us throughout eternity. We call these symbols our Soul Print. They assist us in remembering our connection to Spirit and help us in integrating the light that is brought into our bodies and consciousness at this time. These Soul Symbols activate the light within us so it can begin to empower us as individuals, so we remember our true nature and our place on Earth.  Since they are our very own personal coding, our symbols accelerate our personal evolution in a gentle and meaningful manner because it is our soul print and unique to us.  It is all about becoming self-empowered which enables us to express our vibration that is in alignment with our true soul self.  


Origins of these Soul Symbols as written by Tristan

 I have always been close to the dolphins and whales since they have a very high vibration like me, and we communicate with our hearts. One dolphin has symbols all over his body and told me that these were the symbols that we receive when we come into existence, and they would always be with us to help us remember who we are throughout eternity. These symbols were very predominant in both Atlantis and Lemuria where people would have them painted on their faces and also wore their symbols as jewelry.  As a result of the downfall of these two places, the symbols were lost and forgotten. My dolphin, who is the keeper of the symbols, collected all of them and put them on his body and consciousness to return them to the people who could see them and receive their message. I am very happy that I am one of the individuals who can receive these soul symbols because I enjoy sharing them with everyone who wishes assistance in remembering their true self.


You may draw one or more of your symbols before meditation, before dreamtime or anytime. Any creative way in which you can use them is appropriate. By drawing your symbols and meditating with them, they serve as an activation of your true essence, thus reawakening you and helping you stay clear, centered and present.


Our Services


1.  We request a single picture from you looking forward, via email so we can draw the symbols around your photograph.  

2.  Tristan connects energetically and vibrationally with you and then draws your symbols. There are three areas for symbols that make up your Soul Print. One above your right shoulder, one above your left shoulder and one above your head.

3.  The meanings of your symbols are given to Tristan, which he shares in written form.

4.  Janiece types out all of the meanings and information for each symbol that will assist you with your personal activation, integration, and ascension.

 5.  Michael draws the symbols via computer on your picture which is then emailed back to you with all the information.  



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