Soul Retrieval Sessions

Soul Retrieval

When Tristan was three years old, he led Michael and I to work with Shamans*. Through our personal Soul Retrievals, Teacher/Spirit Animal Meet and Greets, Journeys and other valuable experiences we had with these wonderful Shamans, they taught us how to perform this fascinating and very healing journey work. After working with these Shamans for a couple of years, I continued my studies with Michael Harner of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. 

With our Soul Retrievals, our family works together with an individual seeking to integrate all the parts of themselves that have been split off due to any trauma and shock they have ever experienced. This includes trauma from this lifetime as well as and including any past lifetimes on Earth, other planets, parallel lives and other timelines since they all affect us in the here and now. 

To further elaborate on the reasons that a person’s soul part can split off, we may see it as a defense mechanism or a way of protecting oneself. For example, if a child grew up having parents who argued excessively, the child may have protected themselves by splitting off part of their soul and thus, hide from the situation. Many other reasons for a person’s soul part splitting off would be in abusive situations, accidents, wars, PTSD, being a witness to a horrendous event and even living on other planets in other lifetimes that were destroyed. Obviously, these are just a few examples.

On a personal note, when Tristan was born, I actually gave part of my soul, (a part of my heart) to him because I knew on an energetic level that he was born without going through the veil of forgetfulness and was quite wide open to all the energies on Earth. Unconsciously, I felt that he “needed more protection” and gave this part of myself to him. Although well intentioned, this leads to excessive energy for the receiver and unbalanced energy and a feeling of disconnection for the giver. I was very grateful to these Shamans for healing this for Tristan and I, so we both could be empowered individually and create a relationship built on mutual respect and appropriate boundaries. 

Another way that we may experience soul loss is when a person takes a soul part from us. Many times the other person does not even realize they have done this and other occasions it is a deliberate act of stealing a soul. We can see this in sexual abuse cases and really any type of abuse cases, especially if they are severe. Additionally, we find this with people who were victims of cults in this lifetime or any other life. We have even seen the swapping of souls deliberately performed in cults. In this case, there are two cult victims, and their souls are swapped or traded with each other leading to much confusion, disassociation, and even despair for them in any life now or in the future. 

In the case of stealing souls, it is always about taking another person’s power away from them. It is said that one can never allow their soul to be split off or stolen from them since at some level the person has given permission for such an act to occur. While this is true, many times we have been involved in situations where there was coercion or perhaps have taken vows, oaths, blood oaths, and the like, where in order to “protect” ourselves, we split off a part of our soul. 

It is the belief that when we experience a shock to our system, part of us splits off, leaving an empty space within. Many times these empty spaces become filled with intrusive energies in the form of disease and illness and unwanted emotions such as fear and abandonment. Additionally, we have found that many negative entities are more than happy to inhabit those void areas within people and create chaos in their lives. 

If we are experiencing depression, anxiety, memory loss, feelings of being out of control, feeling that part of you is missing, lost or incomplete, inability to resolve anything that you have been working on to heal for a significant period, then perhaps a Soul Retrieval Session would assist you become present, connected and more of who you are.

So let’s stop protecting ourselves and begin taking care of ourselves by being Alive, Awake, Aware and take Action as the Empowered Beings we truly are and function from our entire Soul. Our Spirit will be eternally grateful!

Our family goes beyond just retrieving, healing and integrating these soul parts from this lifetime and will welcome any missing parts from any existence you may have experienced. 

Generally, Michael and I, individually, journey to find and retrieve these split off (missing) soul parts and Tristan performs the healing and integrating of these soul parts, so you are once more expressing who you truly are! It really is a beautiful, caring and compassionate experience and a genuinely wonderful gift to give your Spirit! 

This service is definitely for everyone who desires to be more of who you are and express your true selves: Your Original Essence.

Our Soul Retrieval Sessions include the actual soul retrieval, session notes and a Skype, FaceTime or Telephone Follow-Up.

*The story of how Tristan led Michael and I to working with Shamans when he was three years old, is one of many stories (and helpful information) in our book: “Our Family’s Journey: The Nurturance and Empowerment of a Spiritually Gifted and Aware Star Child with Crystalline Energies and his Parents” that you may order at:


SOUL RETRIEVAL – Includes Notes & one (1) follow up skype/facetime/phone Session ($200.00)