We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to write such lovely words.  

You have truly touched our hearts.  

 Michael, Janiece & Tristan


My son had two distant healing sessions with Janiece, Michael and Tristan because of a health issue. The healing was wonderful and I saw tremendous improvement in my son after that.  My son is a very sensitive child and it is very easy for him to pick up other people’s emotions.  He doesn’t know how to separate other’s emotions from his own so he acts up and feels frustrated.  He also feels lonely sometimes as he felt he was not understood by most people.  He sees energy and travels in his dreams but he has no friends to share his stories and understand him.  Although I can be a good listener and yet I could not understand him at a level that Tristan, Janiece & Michael can.  As a parent, I felt so helpless because I didn’t know how I could help my son.  One day, I read a couple of healers’ names to my son and asked him who he thought could help his situation.  He immediately said “Tristan”.   I asked him the same question again and received the same answer, so I decided to contact the Boardways.  I would say that they not only provided wonderful healings for my son but also gave us a lot of guidance ranging from nutrition and parenting spiritual level.  I feel so blessed that we met this wonderful family.  They share their experience and help us to understand our child more.  My son is doing very well and feeling more grounded now too.  He also feels very happy as he knows there is somebody like him that had traveled to other planets and dimensions.  I will never forget the smile and excitement on his face when I told him that Tristan has also visited the blue planet and Mars before.  His eyes show me that he feel no longer alone and he will have somebody to share his stories with in the future.  Thanks, Boardway family for everything!!!  How I wish every family who has a child like mine can meet them for their wonderful guidance!!!

Sky F. – Canada


We first approached the Boardways for a family healing session–primarily for help with our toddler son’s health issues.  The guidance we received was enlightening, shedding light on the reasons for his current health problems as well as advice on how to manage it.  Since then, we have had a subsequent family healing session and an individual session. All the sessions involved information on our past lives, a greater understanding of our current life and direction for ways to move forward.
In short, each session has been amazing.  There are no words to express how thankful we are for the guidance and healing energy that the Boardways have shared with us.  Just reading an email from them lifts our energy levels.  They are really gifted, not to mention inspiring and very loving souls.  We feel blessed for their wisdom and insight into our lives and will definitely be having more sessions with them.
With Love, Bama, Geson and Schivan – Austraiia

I met Tristan and his mother at the Agape Wellness Festival.  Tristan and I both were healers at the Festival.  I was immediately drawn to his energy and went to introduce myself.  We hit it off right away, and he proceeded to reveal information regarding my past lives with such detail, and my soul’s mission in this life.  My second encounter proved to be just as powerful.  I decided to receive an energy healing from Tristan.  During the session I could feel Tristan guiding the energy to specific locations in my body to remove blockages and restore balance to my body, mind and soul.  I left feeling lighter, free and my head was clear.  After our session,
I definitely felt guided back to my soul’s path, and reconnected to my higher self.  It was an amazing experience, and I was so grateful the Universe lead me to Tristan.  His approach to healing is playful, gentle,
but powerful, and the information he receives is so detailed, it could only come from a higher source.  I also got a strong sense of the powerful healing that is possible during a session with Tristan and his family.   I can’t wait for my next session with Tristan and his mother and father.  All I can say is thank you for sharing your love and light!!
Chris S.- Guatemala

I have had two distance sessions with Janiece, Michael and Tristan, and will certainly do more.  I understand that most of what transpires during a session is unknown to us on an intellectual level, that the frequencies and information which come through to us are appropriate and commensurate with the intention of those working with us.  The Boardways are a family of pure love and the highest level of compassionate intention and humility.  There is no doubt in my mind that the benefits of a session with them are working to my highest good.  On top of that, they are so fun and interesting!  The messages they receive and understanding about our current energetic state all add to a full experience of cleansing, balancing and thought provoking insights.  I would very much recommend this experience to anyone.  The Boardways put their hearts into their work, and they have huge hearts.

Wendy Urton


Before my in person reading/healing with Tristan and Janiece, I had several issues that were weighing heavily on my mind .  I was not in the best frame of mind before the session began.  Tristan immediately began picking up on information from my past lives.  The information was spot on and shed light on some conditions/experiences/issues I’ve been dealing with in this current lifetime.  During the healing session, I had my eyes closed, but as he and Janiece worked over me, I “saw” a column of white light coming into my crown chakra.  My eyelids began fluttering as the energy passed from my head down through the rest of my body.  I knew something was happening with energy, because I could feel it pass through my body.  After the session, I was more buoyant and uplifted.  I really noticed a difference the next day and for days afterwards.  My vision seemed brighter – colors were more enhanced; everything literally looked brighter.  I didn’t seem to require as much sleep as usual, yet I wasn’t tired.  My thoughts prior to the session were somewhat muddied, and after the session, I was clear-headed and focused.  I am very grateful to Tristan and Janiece for the reading/healing and feel that Tristan possess remarkable gifts.  I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a healing and/or a reading.  

MC – Diamond Bar, CA

I believe Janiece, Michael and Tristan are highly evolved “human angels” who have chosen to be here at this time to assist in raising the vibration of this planet through the healing energy they share with our Mother Earth and her people.  They are truly of the Christed light.  Thanks to the Universe for the gift of this wonderful team!

Jan Toth

I had the pleasure of meeting Tristan and Janiece while in town visiting a friend.  They were visiting too.  I was talking about a lot of problems I was experiencing during that time and Tristan said that he and his mom could do a healing for me.  I am so glad I said yes because it helped me so much.  It was also beautiful to experience how they work together.  I am going to have to schedule another one when Michael will be there too.  After the session, I felt totally relaxed and calm and I had so much clarity.  The problems no longer seemed that horrible and they have been resolving easily.  After our session, we talked for awhile and they both gave me so much helpful information.  It was like they had a window into my life.  Tristan drew some symbols he saw around me and also wrote down the meanings.  I have been using them in meditations and also drawing them.   After I work with these, I feel the same peaceful state within and clarity that I had after my healing session with Tristan and Janiece.  I am looking forward to having more sessions with them.
Felona M.




I  want to let you know how much better my cats, Molly and Emily are doing. Molly is feeling fantastic. I’ve finally gotten her to eat solid food and not just kibble, which is what she was used to before I adopted her. Her intestinal problems have completely healed. She is eating and playing again with the boundless energy of a healthy kitten and best of all, has become quite affectionate with me. Thank you so much for helping her!

Emily is feeling much, much better. She is moving a little more easily; jumping up and down from chair and bed. She is still scratching, but less than before. Thank you for your suggestions on that. The redness around her eyes from allergies is gone.  She is eating again (finally) with relish and is staying awake more. She has a renewed interest in what is going on around her and has even started playing a little again! Where Molly responded almost immediately, Emily has had more of a gradual improvement,  Needless to say, I’m thrilled.  I can’t thank you enough for all of your help.  All my best wishes and thanks for the work you do.



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