The Enchanted Crystal Cities


f04e9d1e-30cb-46ef-a237-89ca4f0570deThe Enchanted 

Crystal Cities


Janiece L. Boardway, M.A


Rainbow Bridge to Conscious ReAwakening


Have you ever seen the crystal cities floating in our skies? We do and have since Tristan was about eight years old. The first time was during the summer when Tristan and I took a ride on the chairlift up to the top of the mountain for lunch and a nice walk afterward. While walking on the top of the mountain, we looked across the valley to another mountain range and there it was, a beautiful Crystal Castle. It was floating just above the mountain ridge, glistening in the sunshine, with all the colors of the rainbow. We stood watching in total awe as we connected to its light energy and Beings inside as well as seeing each room and what they represented. Since that time, we have seen so many of these “crystal cities,” floating ever so gently in the skies. Often we see what looks like doors and windows opening up in the skies, revealing the crystal buildings, castles, towers, palaces, and cities.

We have a Star Friend, who has a crystal palace floating just above New York City, where she often stays, doing much work to heal the energies of that city. She has spoken about the lower vibrational energies that have been implanted there and how it affects the financial systems as well as the people who work in those fields. Our loving Star Friend wishes that more people were aware of how these energies are affecting them and what they can do to take care of themselves and become more empowered. Additionally, numerous Crystal Cities are hovering above many locations around the World, with very high-vibrational Beings inside who are doing their part in assisting us on our journey.

Since we observed the first crystal castle, we have visualized the crystal cities just above our home, neighborhood, city and entire mountain. It is very magical and most definitely has healed and transformed the energy of the mountain for the better. The crystal castle we have visualized floating just above our home is filled with a variety of rooms, such as for healing and returning us to balance and harmony. Also, rooms for activations, ceremonies that are always filled with joy and laughter, and many celebrations. There is one place that we have created that as we walk through, the crystal walls change to whatever crystal and color that is most beneficial for us. Many of these crystals are not even here on Earth, as yet. We also have rooms that we meet our multidimensional non-physical friends, family, and soul family where we can just visit with one another. Although these loving beings are with us all the time, we also enjoy visiting with them in our crystal castle. There are also lecture halls, where the Beings of Light come to share information with us and anyone who would like to attend. Lately, the lecture hall has been quite filled to capacity. That is a good thing!!!

In addition, there are gardens filled with beautiful flowers, plants, trees, rainbow waterfalls and ponds. Of course, there are beautiful and loving animals who also live here. Many of these animals are believed to be myths or even extinct. No, no, they are here, very much alive just as they are in many other realms of existence. Even the 17 feet tall 7th Dimensional Lions, who have been with me all of my life. My buddies who always knew I could roar!!!

Our crystal castle has also changed shape many times. For the last few years, the form that it has taken is that of a pyramid. Interestingly, there is also an inverted crystal pyramid that has appeared underground which is connected to the crystal pyramid above our home. These two shapes have now formed a diamond. Currently, it is blue in color. Sounds very much like the Blue Diamond Star Children, doesn’t it? There are many reasons why this has taken place above, below and all around our home and property, that I will most likely discuss further in our book we are currently writing. Michael, Tristan and I thank all the Star Beings and Star Little Ones for assisting our family during this time of transition.

Visualizing these crystal castles, towers, palaces, cities, etc., are an enjoyable activity to do yourself and with your family. As we begin to visualize these lovely crystal cities with all their inhabitants, perceiving their energy and their gifts that they are sharing with all of us, as well as imagining all the rooms and their purposes, we open ourselves up to a World and Beyond of infinite possibilities. It is vital for all of us to do at this time since the 3D world would love us to believe in lack, limitation, trauma, and drama.
Do you remember when I shared the space ship cloud picture recently and said: “look up to the skies?” I highly recommend it because you will experience some truly extraordinary things. All of this is real and has been hidden from us for ages of time. Now with the higher consciousness (well, a little more than last year and more than a decade ago and so on), more people are perceiving what is real and finally turning away from the illusions and deceptions that have been fed to us lifetime after lifetime.

Now you may be asking yourselves, how do I find these Crystal Cities? Well, take the Rainbow Bridge to Conscious ReAwakening and you will find them. Okay, I just had to say that since that is my family’s title. (haha) That is true. Many times when you see a rainbow in the sky, follow it to the very end, and what will you see? Yes, the beautiful Crystal Cities. How does this work? Well, when we consciously take the time to see a rainbow, we experience the full spectrum of its color and light which in turn, heightens our senses. Then as more photons are emitted, the energy becomes even more amplified within us. As we connect to the beautiful rainbow light energy within our heart and visualize it expanding out as far as we can imagine, we will then see the Crystal Cities with all our Soul Family and our Star Family and Friends, waiting for our arrival. Now, of course, we do not have to see a rainbow in the sky visually to experience these crystal cities. Simply be like a child who lives in a World of Wonderment and Believes in the Magic of Rainbows.







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