The Journey of our Hearts

1546424_464688106969516_779100079_nThe Journey of our Hearts

by Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.

Rainbow Bridge to Conscious Reawakening

I thought the message behind this photo was quite moving. For many years, I have looked within at the feelings, emotions, thoughts and core belief system that I have taken on during this lifetime and many lifetimes. Do these views really belong to me or have I picked them up along the way somewhere and most importantly are they even relevant in the New Earth.

For those who haven’t been on this heart-centered soul journey, they are being given that opportunity right now to go within and find the truth within. A week ago I attended and spoke at the “Gather the Women: Women Birthing a World that Works for All” event. During the event, the women talked about working together in a cooperative manner and co-creating a World that Works for All. Many of the women shared the various things in their life which have led them on this heart-centered journey. What was most important was how during a time of crises in their lives, these women began to look within, shedding and transforming everything that was and is not supporting and nurturing to them and every living thing. Sometimes the journey is not so comfortable and many times we may become weary. However, the path to our soul is worth every moment. I admire these women who know their truth and are urging others to see their own truth.  

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