The Vibration of Things

148_DSC00029The Vibration of Things

by Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.

Rainbow Bridge to Conscious Reawakening

Our children and teens (us too) are extremely aware and can feel or see the energy of food. For example, Tristan has always seen the energy around food (I feel it) and we know when something is a lower vibration (contracted) which obviously is not very good for us, especially these high vibrational children/teens, etc., who are quite expanded. An excellent exercise to do is when shopping is to ask your children if they feel, see, sense, etc., anything around certain foods. Even many of the organics haven’t tested to be very high vibrational for many reasons. Perhaps the people handling the food or the types of seeds and many more reasons. Another reason is if food is sold in a place where there is a lot of concrete, the lime in the concrete drains the nutrients/energy out of the food. Concrete drains the energy from us as well. Of course, sending loving light blessings can assist in raising the vibration, however, it is still very important to be aware.

The following is entirely different subject; however, wanted to share it as well. Tristan has always talked about the energy around certain toys. Many of the toys are created of a lower vibration and can contribute to more aggressive behavior and of course, other toys that contribute to a more creative, playful, cooperative behavior. Since everything is energy, it is an excellent practice to perceive the energy around anything. That way we are always honoring our awareness and our children’s awareness.

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