The Energy of Music



The Energy of Music


Tristan S. Boardway

I have always been aware of music and the energy that it creates. Some of the music, mostly the popular music for people my age is very dense and heavy. I feel sad for the people who listen to this type of music because it lowers their vibration. I hope they wake up soon and understand how they are being controlled when they listen to that kind of music. This doesn’t mean that I only like classical music or calm and peaceful music. I like listening to a lot of the music from the 1980s, but after that, the music became very dark and cultish. It is easy to read and see the energy of many of these singers that sing these types of songs.

There are a lot of little kids who only like to listen to calming music, and when they hear music that is a lower vibration, they will act out. We see it when we shop in stores that play crazy music in the background and the kids go nuts and start screaming and crying. I wonder why these places play this type of music if they know people will become agitated. That’s a good question, I think.

Even though this type of music is being pushed onto younger people and children, I do see changes. For example, on Youtube, so many people are sharing their music with beautiful pictures. I believe this will get more popular as time goes on because it makes us feel better.

Many of the people who are incredible musicians creating music that uplifts us and our vibration are from the music planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. In fact, many of the famous classical musicians and others whose music lifts our vibration as well as the vibration of Earth, who have had lifetimes on Earth, are now on the music planet. Their music is uplifting and creates a loving and healing ripple effect everywhere. I wish more people were aware of the energy of the music.

A good exercise to do with your children and even teens, if you have an open relationship, is to listen to various pieces of music and ask them how they feel, what images it brings up for them, and what thoughts they have. It will help them discern, and perhaps they will even choose music that is benefitting them instead of draining them.