Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.


Rainbow Bridge to

Conscious ReAwakening

 Moms (and Dads too) are rising up all around the World and demanding that Mother Earth is a place where Every Living Being and Thing Thrives and they are taking the action to make it so!

My family and I were planning on attending the Peaceful Rally in Sacramento in opposition of the SB277 tomorrow. However, we became sidetracked with adopting two rescue dogs from the shelter just a few days ago. We have chosen to stay at home with our “girls” since to leave them this early would add to the trauma they both have experienced in their short lifetimes.

A critical lesson that Tristan has taught Michael and me is that working and uniting with each other energetically is incredibly powerful and can truly create meaningful and positive changes. We invite everyone who will not be making this trip to No. Cal., to declare with us that we are independent Beings who demand that we forever will have the freedom to choose what works for our bodies, minds, and spirits without any outside control, manipulation, and force. We stand in this unified field of awareness and consciousness, sending our blessings to all those who are making the trip to Sacramento to express our eternal rights and privileges as the sacred inhabitants of this planet. We know that in this unified field, our freedom and free will is now and forever, honored and upheld.