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Journey with the New Children, Teens and Adults



With over 20 years as parents of one of the New Children, Michael and Janiece are excited to share their experiences of navigating in a World that has not always been understanding of the new energies, vibrations and ways of being that these individuals bring forth. Whether children are seen as the higher dimensional labels of Indigo, Crystal, Star, Pyramid or the 3 Dimensional labels of ADD/ADHD, Autism, OCD, Bipolar, and others, this program explores their uniqueness and special gifts and offers useful ways that will assist everyone on their journey. Topics include the differences of the New Children, the truth about learning disabilities and diagnoses, turning children’s sensitivities into awareness, honoring and keeping their gifts alive while enhancing your own, how the children are assisting us in integrating the new energies, new ways of communicating, and the importance of being present and how this assists in connecting more deeply with ourselves and everyone.

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Our Answers to the Questions from our Listeners

On this Voice America show, we answered some of the questions we have received from our listeners. From how to clear the negative entities from child’s school, why are so many people committing suicide, why dreams are filled with very disturbing content about the future of this World, what is the metal spider looking thing that was crawling on my pillow to a question from a couple saying they have been attempting to have children for a couple of years without success and what can they do energetically that would be of assistance to them.  We had some great questions, as you can see!!

Please listen at the following link:  http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/80248/our-answers-to-the-questions-from-our-listeners



There are No Such Things as Imaginary Friends

They are Real! Many children, teens & adults have visits with non-physical beings such as Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Star Beings, Fairies, Ancestors, Spirit Animals, and much more. In addition to having visits with these loving Beings, they may also encounter the non-physical beings who are not of the highest light and who can be frightening and manipulative. Pretending they do not exist only creates a sense of doubt and takes away the knowing of those experiencing them. Understanding that the non-physical is just as real as the physical, is empowering for all and indeed acknowledge’s the awareness of those who perceive so much more. Join us as we share our experiences with Tristan, who has always been visited by these Beings, and how together, we have received their messages, helped many crossover successfully as they made their transition, and how we have empowered ourselves and others with useful tools that will send away those beings of a lower vibration.

Please listen here:  http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/79698/there-are-no-such-things-as-imaginary-friends



The Gifts of the New Children, Teens & Adults


During our show, we shared the gifts that the New Children, Teens, and Adults have brought in with them to assist us at this time on our evolutionary journey.  Tristan was on at the beginning and then sent the energy of the highest loving light to all the listeners who would like to receive this activation, alignment, and illumination.  Remember that this energy is available in the replays and always.  It is forever flowing and never ends.  Michael and I can still feel this loving energy within us and in our home.  Thank you, Tristan!!!  We also spoke about the children, teens, and adults diagnosed with the 3 Dimensional labels, the Indigos, Crystals, Stars, Rainbows, Blue Diamond Stars, and Pyramids. Also, that these children, teens, and adults have always been activated and how we can connect with their beautiful and loving energies.  Many examples of how they are activating, aligning and illuminating us were given.  Also, shared some information on the visualizations presented to us by the Blue Diamond Stars and Rainbows.  We have to say sharing our message from a very special loving light young woman who is now on a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy was indeed the highlight for us.  While she was on Earth, she truly touched us deeply and now that she is on the healing and loving light planet in the Andromeda Galaxy, she will forever be in our hearts. This young woman shared with us a few weeks ago, the most beautiful visualization that we can use to clear, activate, align and illuminate our chakras.  We hope you will enjoy hearing about it on our show.  Of course, every child, teen, and adult has something truly wonderful to share with us at this time to help us navigate our way in the ever-changing energies of the New Earth.  We hope you will enjoy.   

Please listen here:  http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/78956/the-gifts-of-the-new-children-teens-and-adults 



Interview with AriellaShira Lewis discusses the

“The Crystal Cradle,” a Center to Support the Arrival and Thrival of the

New Generation and Empower the Adults in their Lives

In 2003, Ariella Lewis, with over 25 years experience as a Pediatric Speech and Language Therapist, noticed that her caseload had doubled in one year and was seeing several children with a pattern of communication behaviors that she had not seen before. Ariella stated that when she worked with young children, she felt that she was “lifting them up,” however, with these New Children, she felt that she was “dragging them down.” Ariella states that many indigenous peoples communicate beyond spoken language and express themselves from the heart and mind without using words.  She felt that these children were communicating in this more evolved manner.  Through following her guidance, Ariella began envisioning a center where children are nurtured and supported from conception through childhood. We are very pleased to have as our guest, Ariella Lewis, who this fall is opening “The Crystal Cradle Center”.   For more information, please visit www.crystalcradle.net.

Listen to this Program:  http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/78356/the-crystal-cradle-a-center-to-support-the-arrival-and-thrival-of-the-new-generation-and-empower-the




Understanding the New Children, Teens and Adults and Their Differences


During this program, we will explore the many labels given to these individuals. Some of the names include Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal, Star, Blue Diamond Star, and the Pyramid Children, who Tristan began speaking about a couple of years ago. In addition to these more “higher vibrational labels,” we will also discuss those diagnosed with the more Three Dimensional labels of ADD/ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Bipolar, OCD, Dyslexia and many others. With the lower vibrational labels, unfortunately, the emphasis is placed on what is viewed in this reality as “wrong” and not the strengths and gifts of these individuals. Perhaps these differences are spiritually based and are giving us a glimpse of our evolutionary journey. We all know that labels can be incredibly disempowering since they create limitations as well as expectations and our New Children, Teens and Adults require that we open up to the infinite possibilities that they are sharing. What would it take to stop labeling and start creating???!!!

Listen to this Program:  http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/77806/understanding-the-new-children-teens-and-adults-and-their-differences



Journey into Awareness with the New Children, Teens & Adults

With over 20 years as parents of one of the New Children, we are excited to share our experiences of navigating our way during a time when there was very little information to guide us. Listening to our inner knowing, we have always trusted and allowed our son, Tristan, to take us on our journey of opening our hearts and living a life that we could never have imagined.  During this program, we will also share information about the New Children and how they are assisting us in co-creating a World that Works for All.  We look forward to sharing this information and everything we have learned to assist others on their journey.

Listen to this Program: http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/77038/journey-into-awareness-with-the-new-children-teens-and-adults 

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