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The question above is one that we receive quite a bit, so we decided to share our name’s origins with everyone. Even when Tristan was just a little guy, not yet walking, while either Michael or I would be holding him, it would never fail that wherever we were, we would see a picture of Saturn. As soon as Tristan would see a picture of Saturn, he would immediately point his finger directly at it and then look at us deeply in our eyes. The first time he did this, I asked: “was Saturn your last home before coming to Earth in this life.” Tristan smiled and nodded yes. Every time we saw him pointing his finger or bringing us a book that had Saturn in it, we always acknowledged his awareness around his “home” before this lifetime on Earth. 
When he began speaking, Tristan told us about his parents who still lived on Saturn and that they would visit him from time to time. As soon as his parents from Saturn were in my awareness, I began having visits and messages from them. The first time I saw them, I was walking into Michael and my bedroom, and I saw two rather tall Illumined Beings of Light, and I immediately knew they were Tristan’s parents from Saturn. I smiled and told them thank you for visiting us and assisting us with Tristan. Later that day, Tristan shared with us that his parents from Saturn had been visiting that day, and then I shared with Tristan that I had seen them. He was very happy.
Over the years, we have received great insight and assistance from them. They would also assist some of the healers and intuitive people we have worked with in the past. One time when Tristan was nine years old, we were working with a father and his adult daughter who worked together as healers. They worked remotely and after their first session with Tristan, the father said in a rather questioningly fashion “my daughter did see two very tall Light Beings standing next to Tristan.” I knew he was checking out where Michael and I would be on this one, so I said: “Oh yeah, those are Tristan’s parents from Saturn.”  To this, he said “of course, that’s who they were” and we all laughed. 
Now a bit more on the Saturn subject. Tristan also shared with us that Michael and my last lives before coming to Earth in this lifetime were on Saturn as well. Of course, our initial thought was “oh my gosh, not the “negative” planet”. Although we love Saturn as the beautiful planet (or is it a giant UFO) with rings around it, the information given by Edgar Cayce and others is that this planet is about “restrictions, structure, learning hard lessons” and known as the Karmic Planet. However, after much discussion and information from Tristan, we saw how truly a gift this has been to us. For well over 30 years, Michael and I have been dedicated to healing all karmic patterns in our relationship with ourselves, each other and others as well. We have also felt it crucial to heal all of our lineage and familial Karmic Patterns. Michael calls all this getting off the “Karmic Hamster Wheel.” As you can see, it has been quite a journey and at times very intense, however, we know that any relationship we have with anyone now or in the future will be of the highest light. How wonderful is that and we are truly grateful that we have taken this trip together.
Additionally, Tristan told us that there are “not so loving beings” on Saturn, who are controlling it at this time. In fact, the first time I showed him a picture of CERN, he said: “they have a really large CERN on Saturn.” He stated that CERN is doing things that are not good for the Beings who live on Saturn. Tristan also said that his parents are a lot like Michael and I because they are also working towards bringing truth to their planet and are helping lots of people. We thought that was very nice of him to say. 
It appears that many planets in this solar system have been “taken captive” by forces who most definitely do not have any of our or other Beings best interests in mind. It is truly time to wake up and take the steps to be more and more aware, acknowledge and trust ourselves and our knowing, and be the empowered Beings we truly are.

Well, the “3” in our name is pretty self-explanatory since there are three of us. In addition, since Tristan was quite young, many of our friends and people we have met along the way have called us their “Loving Trinity.”

The light in the name Lightflyer is about Tristan truly incarnating here on Earth in his expanded light body and sharing his loving light with everyone and every living thing.  By Tristan shining his light so brightly, Michael and I reawakened to all the beautiful, loving light we have always had within since the beginning of time and no matter what experience we had in this lifetime or any other lifetime that attempted to dim our loving light we have become empowered once more and will forever shine our light ever so brightly.  Such a beautiful lesson from our son.

A few years before Tristan came to us, Michael and I began talking about the dreams of flying in the cosmos we had during our childhood. It was great fun since we had never met others who spoke of such things and it was beautiful that we could share these out of this world adventures with each other. Then when Tristan began coming to me even before I was pregnant, I started remembering even more about those multidimensional experiences. Of course, they have increased since Tristan’s birth for both Michael and I. Even during meditation, many times I will see Tristan joyfully flying around in the cosmos in his glory and expanded self or in a spaceship as a Star Flyer from Galaxy 124. Okay, the spaceship thing is a story for another time.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little more about our family and the origins of Saturn 3 Lightflyers. Again, we thank you again for taking this journey with our family.

Michael Boardway, Janiece Boardway, Tristan Boardway


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