Wise Discernment


by Janiece L. Boardway, M.A.


Rainbow Bridge to Conscious Reawakening

Wise Discernment been a topic of conversation in our household for quite a few years and how truly important it is for us to be in our awareness, our truth within our Hearts, and use Wise Discernment with any information we are hearing and energies we are receiving. What does this mean?

It is a time when we are receiving a plethora of messages coming from people who are bringing forth information that on one level, may sound like the answers to solving all the problems on a personal level as well as on this planet. However, where are these people receiving their information? Is the information coming from the Highest Source or from sources who claim to be of the Highest Source, however in actuality are not and perhaps have other agendas than the advancement of us and our Planet.

It is important for us to be still, go within our hearts and discern whether this information is of the Light and truly for the benefit of all. It could be in fact, that the messages these individuals are receiving are not from beings of the loving light. Perhaps it is not intentional, and the people receiving the information are not aware of this since they do honestly believe that their information is from the Highest Source as the beings coming to them appear to be or say they are of the loving light and share very enticing information. Many of the not so loving beings are experts in shapeshifting, and if we are not aware, we may be manipulated into thinking they are Angels, Spirit Guides, Archangels, etc.

For those of us who have been on this spiritual journey for so long, it is only natural for us to want to see the changes that we have been envisioning all these years. It could be easy for us to give our power over to others who believe they are receiving/channeling their information from beings who truly do not have our best interests in mind and would rather keep us in the illusion that has been controlling us for ages of time. These lower dimensional beings are quite eloquent in presenting their information, and they do know what we want to hear in order to change this reality for the better. However, it is a bit tricky because these beings’ messages are so enticing that the people who have allowed them into their awareness and energetic field believe these messages to be authentic.

A while back on a social media site, there was a post from a mom who wrote that her young daughter was frightened at night by a non-physical visitor who was blue in color and appeared to look like an Avatar, such as we saw in the movie that was out a few years ago. The mother said that the daughter was quite upset and kept saying this being was not nice. There were several comments from people who stated that the daughter should not feel fearful since it was an “Avatar” and it was from the loving light. Some said that probably the daughter was frightened because it looked “different” from humans. I read the entry to Michael and Tristan, and none of us felt comfortable with this being who was presenting itself to the little girl as a Blue Avatar. Tristan of course, picked up the truth and said that it was a Reptilian shapeshifting and pretending to be of the light in order to befriend this little girl. We then posted in the comment section that it would be an excellent idea for the mom to acknowledge her daughter’s knowing and since she is feeling uncomfortable with this being, tell it to leave. We also suggested a couple of ways to do this and also to make a declaration that “only the Beings of the Highest Loving Light are allowed around the daughter, everyone in the family and the home.” They did, and this being left immediately. We always say that physical beings are much stronger than non-physical beings which help empower the children when dealing with such things.

In another example, we were recently sent some spiritual music that was advertised as assisting in relaxation, being more centered and enhancing spiritual growth, etc. When listening to this music, we felt an uneasiness. Tristan even said that the music was kind of “tricky.” In looking at the picture of the people who were creating this music, we saw how loving and caring they are, however, we also saw the Tall Whites, who obviously do not have humanities’ best interests in mind, standing around them. These were the beings these people were receiving their ideas for their music, which obviously was not of the highest light and more of mind control. Again, not the intention of these artists, however, not in their awareness either.

Many individuals are also bringing forth new technologies that sound amazing; however, are truly not for our greatest good individually and the planet. Additionally, in the future star visitors will bring in very advanced technology that can offer the resolution and cure many of the illnesses, end wars, famine, adverse environmental issues, etc. Although, they could be the very same ones who created the challenges in the first place. So again, it seems enticing at the first; however, there is an underlying agenda that does not have our best interests at heart. There appears to be some truth; however, there is a lie attached. It may even feel like a congestion of energy whereas when it is the total truth, we will feel a lightness and flow of energy within us.

We are sharing this information, to make it clear how very important it is for us to be in our awareness, our truth and no matter what anyone (physical or non-physical) shares, go within the depths of your heart and ask if this information is from the Highest Loving Light.

Of course, many people are honestly coming from the Highest Source. It is the purpose of writing this, so you all will be in your knowing and true being and be aware and use Wise Discernment when taking in any information.
You may be asking the question, how do I use and be in my Wise Discernment? It is easy for us since we have a phenomenal barometer named Tristan. He sees who people are receiving their information from and tells us. However, we always felt it was important for us to have this discernment  without always having to ask Tristan. For many years, Michael and I have learned to go within and “perceive” the type of energy we are picking up. It is all about connecting with our Hearts and going with the flow of energy. Again if anything if feeling heavy, sticky or congested, that is usually a good indication that what you are hearing is not from the Highest Source.

When we receive a message or guidance of some type, it is important for us to ask ourselves “is this message coming from the Highest Loving Light?”, “is it true for me?”, “will this work for me?” and similar questions that will give us awareness. As you ask these questions, just sit quietly, go within and receive your awareness. It is time to acknowledge ourselves, our awareness and knowing for no one knows us better than us.

We are not writing this from a place of fear since we believe that when all of us are truly in our power and our knowing, then we are aware of everything, and we are empowered. Having this awareness and empowerment allows us to take care of ourselves, our children, our families and Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.

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