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Michael, Janiece & Tristan Boardway are a family who is truly on an extraordinary spiritual adventure. For many years before Tristan was born, Michael and Janiece were on a spiritual path; however, with the birth of their son in 1993, their journey has most definitely accelerated. When Tristan was a baby, and his parents were taking a walk with one of them holding Tristan in his snuggly, people would walk up to them and say “do you know you have a 21st-century child.” They could feel his energy and high vibration and knew what they did, that Tristan was quite extraordinary
Often as a child, Tristan held up his hands to people seemingly sending energy to them. Even strangers who felt this would come over and begin to cry saying “how does he know that I am hurting,” and then thank him for helping them. With this awareness, Tristan seemed to take on some of the pain of others, so his parents and others have taught him the importance of being in his energy and assisting others without aligning with the pain they are releasing, clearing and healing.

This family has worked with many wonderful people, including many Beings of Light of the Higher Realms. At age 3, Tristan led them to work with Shamans who 10 minutes after meeting the family advised Michael and Janiece that they needed to “catch-up” with their son spiritually because he was so advanced. It always seemed that when Janiece asked the question “what are our next steps in assisting our son” someone in physical or non-physical form would show up in their lives helping this family. Michael and Janiece always knew that Tristan would lead them to those who would be helpful.

A few years ago, Tristan asked his parents to offer a teleconference educating people around the world about the “new” kids, as he calls himself and others. He stated that it is his desire that everyone understand what they are about and how they are assisting every living thing in their evolutionary process. Additionally, saying to his parents that “people need to know who we are and that we came to Earth at this time to raise their consciousness and vibration and change the world.”
After the Gulf oil disaster, Tristan organized over 3,000 people who committed to devoting at least 5 minutes a day during their prayers and meditations to send loving healing energy to Mother Earth.

Tristan also led Michael and Janiece (Tristan is a natural) into learning many healing modalities and are currently working together as energy, vibrational and frequency healers, intuitive readers, teachers, etc., assisting people all over the world. They also offer consultations for parents, guardians, teachers, speech therapists, physical therapists, occupational therapist, and many others, helping them in their understanding and connecting with their children (teens and others) and most importantly being open to all the possibilities of their children and in co-creating a World that Works for All.

This family has written a book about their journey entitled,” Our Family’s Journey: The Nurturance and Empowerment of a Spiritually Gifted and Aware Star Child with Crystalline Energy and his Parents.” Their book is currently represented by a Literary Agent who has sent their proposal to numerous book publishers and are awaiting word.
Tristan S. Boardway is a very gifted intuitive reader, healer, and teacher, who works with people all around the World. He enjoys sharing his multidimensional travels with his family and everyone who is interested in expanding their consciousness. Tristan loves to snow ski and boogie board. He is currently taking classes at the University of Metaphysical Sciences. He also enjoys filming and editing, and when Tristan was 16 years old, he made a short documentary entitled “One Message.” Tristan and his mom, Janiece, have co-authored the book, “The Light We Share” sharing Tristan’s experiences before incarnating on Earth in this lifetime. You may learn more about “The Light We Share” at: http://www.saturn3lightflyers.com/the-light-we-share-e-book/
Tristan has been written about in two books, “The Children of Now” and “The Conversations with the Children of Now.” Please note that permission was only granted for Tristan to be written about in “The Conversations with the Children of Now” which is the second book by this author. He was written about in the first book “The Children of Now,” under a pseudonym of Trevor, which is legal and ethical. No other permission was given by Tristan or his parents allowing him to be in any further books regarding The Children of Now written after that. Neither Tristan nor his parents were ever contacted asking for permission beyond the above two books.
Janiece L. Boardway, initially receiving her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and Marriage, Family and Child Counseling, left the field soon after the birth of Tristan and now has shifted her focus to a more spiritual realm. Janiece has written two published articles about Tristan entitled, “The Light Flyer” and “Creating a New Earth.” Both articles may be found at http://saturn3lightflyers.com/articles.html. You may also find more of her writings at http://www.saturn3lightflyers.com/janieces-journal/. Other published works and interviews of Janiece include: “A Holistic Treatment Approach for Adolescent Substance Abusers,” Journal of Psychology; interview for the Los Angeles Times article, “Must Children be Victims of Fear,” and the Saddleback News article, “Women’s Middle Years Range from Feelings of Loss to Liberation.”

Michael P. Boardway is a licensed Architect and Credentialed Professor and has taught at the University of California, Irvine; Saddleback College, Orange Coast College and Golden West College. He is the principle of two companies: Michael Boardway & Associates and MBA Educational Horizons. His architectural focus is on green/sustainable/spiritual architecture that enhances, nurtures and lifts the vibration of each and every inhabitant. Michael offers seminars all over the United States preparing candidates for their architectural licensing examinations and also professional seminars for the licensed architects.



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