Healing Light & Energy Sessions

Healing Light & Energy Sessions:

(Individual and Family Sessions)


Tristan along with his parents, Michael and Janiece, have combined their gifts in creating a loving atmosphere wherein you will receive the optimal healing experience. Whether your discomfort is actualizing in the physical, mental, emotional or energetic levels, their Healing Light & Energy Sessions transforms, heals and transcends any and all disturbances that are not in alignment with your true self. 

Tristan, Michael, and Janiece work together with children, teens, adults and families experiencing challenges in a World that does not always support and understand the differences and gifts they have brought in with them. They assist everyone to be aware, understand and manage their gifts and help them with what they perceive around them. By harmonizing their energies and vibrations, they become empowered as an individual or a family. Helpful tools and techniques are given to everyone that will assist them in navigating their way in the World with more ease and confidence.

Additionally, this family works with children, teens, and adults (and animals) who are experiencing illnesses. Tristan, Michael, and Janiece have found that people who have illnesses, some very serious such as cancer (including brain tumors and childhood leukemia), and others not as well known, for example, Morgellon’s Disease, their energetic bodies were first compromised in some manner for quite some time before the disease actualized in the body. Tristan, Michael, and Janiece work together to transform and eliminate the disturbances that invaded the individual (or animal), enhancing the Life Force Energy. Thus, re-correcting their DNA so that it allows the individual (or animal) to be in harmony and the natural flow of energy in order to attain optimal health and well-being.

During the Healing Light & Energy Sessions, Tristan, Michael & Janiece use their gifts to view your energy fields, auras and chakras remotely and then clear, transform and redirect any disturbances that may prevent you from receiving the full benefit of this healing experience. During your session, this family uses Dimensional Frequency Attunements, DNA ReAwakenings, Sound and Light Transmissions, Crystal Energetics, Reconnective, Reiki and much more.  In the Healing Light & Energy Sessions, you will receive the optimal experience to empower, awaken and embody the real you.


Past and Other Lifetimes and Existences:

Included in our Healing Light & Energy Sessions, we also heal and clear any past lifetimes that are affecting you in your current life. In addition to clearing, transforming and healing any traumas and shock that you have encountered in any lifetime on Earth, we also address any such lives experienced on other plants, timelines as well as parallel existences.

Why the importance of ReAwakening and Remembering these other existences?

If there is any DNA Soul Memory carryover from another lifetime where we were harmed in any manner, the fear from that time may cloud our ability to move forward in this life with greater ease. An example of this can be seen when a child, in their current life, has an extreme fear of being in the presence of a teacher. Perhaps this child has had other teachers who they got along with very well; however, they may begin a new school year only to find that when they meet their teacher, they feel extreme terror. We have worked with several school-age children who have experienced this unexplained fear with certain teachers and after investigation, we discovered that they had previous lifetimes where the encountered very frightening experiences with these teachers. This has included children being victims of cults where their current teacher was a cult member, other lifetimes where the children were abused by their current teachers in workhouses of the past and on and on. These DNA Soul Memories may be locked deep in the children’s unconscious and they may not be able to identify where it comes from; however, they feel extremely frightened and are affected in some manner such as being unable to concentrate, escaping through daydreaming, and acting out inappropriately in class. 

These are just a couple of examples using children; however, adults are affected as well. Perhaps a person is in a job where her boss is very difficult to please, and no matter what the employee does, it is never good enough for the boss who always finds fault. This may also lead to the employee never receiving a promotion of any type. Upon further investigation of a past lifetime, what if we discovered that in many lives they shared together, that the boss was a slave owner and this employee, was the employer’s slave. That would explain why the employer is always keeping the employee “down” in this lifetime since obviously, they both have the DNA Soul Memories alive and well in this life that keeps them acting out this limiting scenario. 

What about people who are afraid of speaking out and speaking up for themselves in this lifetime? What about people who do not even speak verbally? We have found that in their past lives, that many of them have taken vows, oaths, etc., of secrecy or saw something they were not supposed to and then threatened with their life if they spoke out. There is also the very familiar theme of a person having many lifetimes where the spoke out against someone such as a king or queen and even spoke out in defense of someone who was wrongly accused only to be harmed in some way in both situations. Again, vowing never to speak out again because they were harmed for this very act in another lifetime. 

We could go on and on giving examples of how DNA Soul Memories may affect us. Our most important point to the above stories is that we have found that during our healing sessions, when these past lifetimes surface, it is important to acknowledge, clear, transform and heal the DNA Soul Memories and the energy that has become entangled within them. It has been amazing to see how this has shifted the energy, and the person can now move forward in their lives with greater ease since they no longer have that “hot spot” or “magnet” within them or their energy field. 

Alternatively, we have experienced many lifetimes on Earth and on other planets and timelines that are very beneficial to remembering and integrating into our lives in the here and now. Many times these beneficial DNA Soul Memories are tucked deep inside because of a trauma or shock to our system. By becoming aware and conscious of these experiences, we can become inspired and empowered in our daily lives.

Additionally, after sharing this information with clients during our follow-up sessions, they begin to remember and are once again reawakened to these other lifetimes. They consciously begin to remember without the need for hypnosis or regression. It is quite remarkable how this works. Although, we do deeply feel that Tristan has something to do with this since if people are in allowance, he can open them up to a World of Possibilities! 

Implant Removal:

Over the years, we have found energetic implants in people. We call them energetic since these implants are placed energetically into bodies. Many of these are put into new spirits arriving on Earth as they pass through the dark force grid, bringing the implants energetically into their physical bodies. 

They can be very small and even look like their physical* chip counterparts that often are implanted in humans by others on or off the planet. In one case, there was a small energetic chip in the head of a child who had a brain tumor. This energetic chip was located 1 cm. from the tumor. Likewise, the energetic implants can be larger. In one instance, we found a black box in the chest of a child. The black box was approximately three inches in all directions. We have found many of these boxes (in various colors) in people of all sizes in their chests as well as smaller energetic chips and even what we call WiFi bugs or parasites. Some of these smaller items are microscopic in size. 

What do they do? Well, they can create illnesses in our bodies, mind, and spirit. They can also mind control us. Additionally, many people diagnosed with mental illnesses have numerous energetic and physical implants in them keeping them hostage to the agenda of the dark forces. Thus, the importance of removing any energetic implants.

During our healing sessions, we also include clearing and removing any energetic implants that are discovered in a person’s body as well as their energy field. 

*Now with physical implants, there is some very useful work done with magnetics that we recommend for anyone interested, to further investigate. Of course, there are doctors involved with UFOlogy, who through a surgical procedure remove physical implants. Additionally, there have been some people who claim that they have removed the implants from their ears via ear candling. It is always important to thoroughly investigate this and go with your knowing about what will work for you. For those who say they can remove physical implants, we say, use your wise discernment and look further into their agenda. 

Our Family’s Unique Services Include:

1.  One hour remote session (All three of us work together at the same time during your session).

2.  After the session, our family shares our intuitive insights and writes comprehensive notes outlining our findings, recommendations that include many techniques to empower you in awakening to your true self.

3.  Email all of our notes to you.

4.  Additionally, we include a one hour Telephone, Skype or FaceTime Session to further explore your notes and answer any other questions you may have.  



During your session, we use our abilities to view your energy fields, auras and chakras remotely and then clear, transform, and redirect any disturbances that may prevent you from receiving the full benefit of this awakening experience. During our session, we do Dimensional Frequency Attunements, DNA Assessments and ReAwakenings, Sound, and Light Transmissions, Crystal Energetics, Reconnective, Reiki and much more as written above.







Energetically understanding the dynamics of a family is very important in order to live harmoniously with one another.   Each member brings their own energies and aspects of themselves into their families to create an unique style unlike any others.   Sometimes challenges may occur in the family unit that can be brought back into balance by addressing them energetically as well as strengthening each of the relationships between family members.  These sessions have been specially designed to address the entire family as a whole while respecting each member’s individuality.  Joining together as a family, we use the above described techniques to create more understanding, harmony and an overall sense of well-being so that your individual energies will become more balanced, bringing forth a cohesive family structure.







We offer remote healing sessions for your beloved pets and animals.  We energetically connect with the animals and “discuss” with them, through animal communication what illness, discomfort or emotional issues they may be experiencing.  After understanding the specific concerns, we then use various healing modalities to bring about total health and harmony.  We have found that animals are extremely chatty and enjoy sharing many experiences with us as well as the other lifetimes they have had with their owners.  We always enjoy the time we spend with animals and love to share our findings and information they give us in order to create a more meaningful relationship between you and your furry family.  

Written notes are included and sent via email with each pet and animal session.

PET / ANIMAL HEALING LIGHT & ENERGY SESSION with NOTES (no skype/phone session) $50.00