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Thank you for visiting our family and learning more about the New Children of the Earth including the higher dimensional labels of Star Children, Indigo Children, Rainbow Children, Crystal Children, Blue Diamond Star Children, Golden Pyramid Children and Children of the Light. We are excited about sharing our information with you and also our stories about our journey with our son, Tristan. We would also love for you to explore our links where you will find our Stories, Tristan’s Messages, ArticlesJaniece’s JournalTools, Techniques and Visualizations, Testimonials, and Photographs. Additionally, on our Services page, you will find a drop-down window that includes Healing Light Sessions, Enlightenment Guidance for Parents, Guardians and everyone who has questions about the New Beings in their lives, Soul Print Symbols, Access Consciousness BarsSpiritual Energy Blessing (intuitive reading on one issue and energy). Please visit our Events page to learn about our Seminars and Tele-Classes.

In October of 2009, Tristan asked us to create a teleconference sharing information with others about children like him. In just a few days, we gathered many wonderful people who agreed to share their expertise about these amazing children on our teleconference and Journey with the New Children began in November of 2009 and continued through June of 2011. We enjoyed all of our speakers who shared valuable information in assisting us on our journey with our children and with ourselves. To learn more about this Teleconference series and listen to the archived recordings for free, please read Journey with the New Children below.

Thank you for taking this journey with our family.

Michael, Janiece and Tristan Boardway

Michael Boardway

Janiece Boardway

Tristan Boardway


Internet Talk Radio

We invite you to listen to our Journey with the New Children, Teens & Adults program on Voice America-7th-wave, Internet Radio. You may find our shows at the following link:



Show Description

With over 20 years as parents of one of the New Children, Michael and Janiece are excited to share their experiences of navigating a world that has not always been understanding of the new energies, vibrations and ways of being that these individuals bring forth. Whether children are seen as the higher dimensional labels of Indigo, Crystal, Star, Pyramid or the 3 Dimensional labels of ADD/ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, OCD, Bipolar, this program explores their uniqueness and special gifts and offers useful ways that will assist everyone on their journey. Many topics include:

*The differences of the New Children

*The truth about learning disabilities and diagnoses

*Honoring and keeping their gifts and abilities alive while enhancing your own

*New ways of communication that are beyond words

*The importance of being present and how this assists in connecting more deeply with children and teens, which create the space fo being in allowance to all the possibilities. 

Michael Boardway, Janiece Boardway, Tristan Boardway

There have been many names given to these individuals such as Star Children, Indigo Children, Star Children, Blue Star Children, Rainbow Children, Diamond Children, Golden Pyramid Children and Children of the Light.  For some, because of their differences, mainstream society has given them labels such as ADD/ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Bipolar Disorder, Dyslexia and numerous other diagnoses. For the New Children, who are labeled as such, they are part of our evolutionary process that we are experiencing at this time. They come here in their light bodies and vibrate at a very high frequency and are multidimensional beings.  They are truly beings of unconditional love and have come here at this time to teach us to love again. Tristan has shared a beautiful story about why he has incarnated at this time that we invite you to read at the following link: 
How we view all of these New Children is that they are here to awaken us and guide us on our journey back into our hearts. Our free teleconference series, Journey with the New Children, explored these children and the evolutionary process we are currently experiencing. We invite you to listen to all of our archived recordings for free since it is our great pleasure to share all of this information with as many people as we can.  We were very grateful to have gathered so many distinguished speakers who have helped us navigate our way through this exciting and sometimes challenging journey with our children. Our speakers have shared many helpful ways to assist our children in fulfilling their purposes as well as taught us many empowering parenting skills. Additionally, they have helped us to look honestly within ourselves to heal those parts that we may not have resolved and given us practical techniques to assist us in our awakening process. To learn more about these free Archived Teleconferences, please click the following link:
Michael Boardway, Janiece Boardway, Tristan Boardway


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